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Legit Apps to Make Money Online

Did you know that you can make money with your phone? Legit internet income can be earned by using applications on your smartphone, you can make some additional cash on the side.

If you're looking for a way to supplement your income, a wide variety of applications are designed specifically for that purpose.

Not even the most effective money-making applications will most likely make you wealthy. Yet, you can still put some money in your wallet by doing very easy things using just your palm.

This list includes something for anyone, no matter what their hobbies are. Below, you'll find more than 50 applications that might help you earn money.

Best money-making apps

1. Ibotta

With Ibotta, you may get money back on in-store or online purchases from more than 2,000 different stores. As time went on, it grew beyond food and grocery items to include shopping for apparel, entertainment, restaurants, and even pet supplies. Some promotions, such as price reductions or free shipping, are applied mechanically to your order based on your chosen product or store. To access the rest, you'll have to do something extra, like watch a movie or complete a survey.

You may get money back from your purchases in one of three ways: You may use the Ibotta app to connect your loyalty accounts with participating retailers, buy gift cards from participating retailers, add deals to your shopping list, and submit your receipts within 7 days of making a purchase. You may use the app or the Ibotta browser plugin on your PC to save money when shopping online.


You may expect to get your cash refund within 24 hours with in-store purchases. Ibotta provides its customers with a range of payment options, a referral incentive, and a sign-up bonus.


Sometimes making money takes time. You'll need at least $20 (some gift cards demand $25) in cash rebates to cash out. When making purchases online, the waiting time before cashback is issued might vary widely across stores. In addition, dormant (no activity in 6 months) or deleted Ibotta accounts incur a monthly account maintenance cost. Your balance will be charged the fee rather than your bank account.

Payment: PayPal, digital gift card, or bank transfer.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten, known as Ebates, is a rewards program that gives customers a percentage of their purchase price back when they use the site to purchase at popular stores, eateries, and food delivery services. In addition to cash back, users may earn gift cards, points, and more while making purchases. 

To put it simply: Make an account, then use the app to choose the retailer you want to buy from and complete the purchase via the portal. When you activate the offer in the app, you may add a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account and get cash back in-store. Rakuten says it might take a few hours to a few days to credit your account with the cashback after verifying the transaction with the vendor.


You can get money back from thousands of different retailers and transactions, so you can save money without changing where you buy. After a first qualifying purchase, new customers will get a $10 incentive. Rewards for signing up and referring friends are also available. Giving to charity is a great way to make a difference with cash rebates.


As with most cashback programs, you must spend money to earn. Your profits will not appear immediately; Rakuten issues payouts every three months on the company's payment schedule, and you'll need a $5 cashback amount to get a payment. One key difference from cashback applications like Ibotta is the need to remember to purchase the app before receiving any rewards. You will not be able to get credit for a purchase made outside of the app.

Payment: Paypal or big fat check

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a mobile application that offers cash back and prizes to its users. Earn Swagbucks (SB) for online shopping (1,500 supported merchants), surveys, watching movies, playing games, and more. Redeemable for PayPal cash or a variety of gift cards. Different activities may have different point totals. A regular survey may provide 40 SB points, and it may spend each SB point on various cool stuff. However, there are gift cards available with a minimum amount of just 110 SB, depending on which payment method you choose.


With Swagbucks, there is no minimum balance or waiting time to cash in your rewards. After being redeemed, most payments are made within ten business days. When you sign up, you'll earn an extra $10 if you spend at least $25.


Pay is low; one SB is equivalent to around a penny. Many jobs pay just a few cents, so getting a decent wage may take some time and effort. You also won't be eligible for all surveys and tasks, but even if you don't, users may still earn up to 5 SB every day. Reports of users being disconnected mid-survey are common. Swagbucks says this might be due to respondents' demographics or dishonest or inconsistent replies.

Payment: E-gift card or PayPal.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace with over 200 categories, including programming, video/animation, and more. After signing up, edit your profile and choose the "seller" option to showcase your skills. Put up the details of the gig you're offering, including the price and a detailed explanation of your services. 

Prices might be anything from $5 to $995. Buyers, who are customers, may use the link to make an order. When the work is done, you will be compensated. Performance metrics are used to determine a seller's tier on Fiverr. You'll be able to upsell additional "extras," like a quicker delivery time, as you get access to higher pricing tiers.


Customers will seek you out, so there is no need to look for them. The tipping system is also available. One of Fiverr's selling points is that sellers may finish tasks whenever they choose, even if that means fitting them in around a regular 9-to-5 schedule.


Upon completion of an order, you will be able to withdraw your funds 14 days after it placed the order, and Fiverr will take 20% of your total revenue (including tips).

Payment: PayPal or direct to a bank account.

5. Upwork

Freelancers in the writing, design and marketing fields may use Upwork to find employment opportunities on the platform. Your first step is to create a profile. It should include a summary of your credentials, availability, desired rate, and the area in which you're interested. It may submit proposals at that point. If potential employers like what they see, they will extend job offers to you.

Each month starts with a certain amount of "Connects," which are like credits it may use to get in touch with potential customers. Client communications are free, while you may sell or earn more Connects for a modest fee. Hourly rates or flat rates for completed projects are also options.


Using Upwork, finding customers, building lasting connections, and getting paid are easier. The program also allows you to determine your rates and delivery times.


The software is free, but it will cost you if you want to reach out to many customers right now. A service fee is added on top of the price for users. On average, Upwork takes 20% of what you bill a client, but it might be as little as 5%. Earning more money means keeping more of it for yourself. It will make payment ten days following the end of the billing cycle. Remember that you are competing with other independent contractors on the site. Customers will likely go with the business that charges the least.

Payment: Direct to US Bank, direct to your bank account, wire transfer, Instant Pay, PayPal, and Payoneer.

6. OfferUp

OfferUp, which in 2020 merged with rival Letgo, is a local marketplace where you may sell your belongings. OfferUp also supports domestic shipping within the United States so that you may expand your customer base. Sign up, take a picture of your smartphone, car, furniture, or anything you're selling, and post it online. 

Following the addition of a suitable title, description, and asking price, it may publish your listing, and you can begin communicating with potential buyers without ever leaving the app. The next step is delivery to the buyer or setting up a meeting time.


Making an ad takes just a few minutes, and if you sell something for cash, you'll get paid immediately. You can also look at the feedback left by previous customers to get an indication of the reliability of a potential buyer. OfferUp will give you a shipping label at no cost, and the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.


You'll need to meet local buyers and handle all business personally. Shipment costs for vendors are 12.9% plus a minimum of $1.99. You'll likely need to purchase a printer to print shipping labels and deliver orders to customers successfully.

Payment: OfferUp suggests that sellers only accept cash payments from buyers, not other payment methods like checks or cashier's checks.

7. Poshmark

You can sell anything from clothing and accessories to furniture and decor on the Poshmark app. To sell something on the site, you need to sign up, take or upload images of it, write a description, set a price, and post the listing. 

In addition, you can highlight products in "Posh Parties," which are virtual shopping events devoted to specific labels, product types, or topics hosted within the app. After purchasing on Poshmark, it will email you a prepaid, pre-addressed mailing label. Once the box is ready, it is sent off by the United States Postal Service.


Each step, from listing to shipment, is made easier with Poshmark. You also don't have to go out of your way to talk to strangers. The company will pay for any missing packages and mediate disputes between you and the customer. You'll get paid by Poshmark within three days of the order's delivery.


Poshmark charges a fee for each item you sell. For every $15 in sales, the corporation takes $2.95, and for every $20 in sales, 20%.

Payment: Check or direct deposit to a bank account.

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