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Do a lot of people follow you online? Looking for a way to convert your social media fans into dollars?

Some individuals can make life on social media right now without selling anything.

Everyone has seen the profiles of "normal" individuals who have amassed thousands of followers.

They constantly seem to be out on an adventure or having a good time. So how can they make enough money to support this fantastic way of life?

They have a significant impact on the people around them.

In the next two years, influencer marketing is expected to grow from $5-10 billion worldwide.

Throughout 2017, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing strategies.

Further, 39% of firms reported increased spending on influencer marketing in 2018.

If your goal is to earn a job as a social media influencer, all this is encouraging news. This tutorial will teach you how to increase your attractiveness to marketers and companies even if you don't have a large following.

8 Steps to Make money on social media

  1. Pick a platform
  2. Join a network for influencers
  3. Give away free stuff
  4. Use multiple hashtags
  5. Partner with a mobile app
  6. Know your worth
  7. Post-high-quality photos
  8. Fully disclose your relationships with brands
1. Select a platform

First, you must choose the platform you want to use most often.

While it's essential to have a presence on as many social media platforms as possible, your primary focus should be on one.

Based on the findings, Instagram is where most social media influencers do their job.


In 2018, Instagram was ranked as the preferred social media platform by over 82% of social media influencers. Only 13% claimed they use YouTube, and only 2% mentioned using Facebook.

It's likely since 76% of influencers believe Instagram to have the greatest features among social media sites.

The stats point squarely toward making Instagram your main focus.

Don't try to create something new out of nothing. You should be able to duplicate other influencers' Instagram success if you do the required work.

Use your other social media accounts to boost your brand's image and, in turn, your reach.

However, you may attempt to expand your Instagram following by promoting your account on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Join a network for influencers

Joining networks designed for influencers is another option for monetizing your social media activity.

As a result of their followership and areas of expertise, these sites are used by businesses to link up with individuals.

It's recommended that you begin your search on Brandwatch.


Say you have a lot of followers and likes on social media because you post about yoga and holistic health.

If you sign up for one of these networks, advertisers with a product that relates to your content will have an easier time finding you.

Brands looking to partner with influencers to promote products like the latest yoga mat and yoga wear will find you via these platforms.

You may manage all interactions with the brands via these channels.

Using this method instead of social media direct message might help you keep more organized. When you have many followers, your inbox will quickly overflow with messages.

3. Give away free stuff

Everyone enjoys a freebie occasionally.

Hosting a giveaway is a great method to boost interaction with your fans.

You may propose a giveaway after you've begun bargaining with sponsors and figured out the kind of content you should be providing.

However, you need not agree to anything that makes you feel uneasy. You may politely decline the offer if you don't believe the material, they want you to share would benefit your audience.

Check out Kylie Jenner's latest Instagram post:


More than 369 million people follow Jenner on Instagram.

In what ways can 369 million people be kept amused? Never send them unwanted messages. This is unmistakably a brand promotion, yes. But she's doing it in a manner that benefits her fans by offering them a chance to get a freebie.

All the pieces for a successful contest giveaway are here in one post.

Even if businesses are not paying you, you may attempt to increase your following by giving away something of value.

Spending one hundred dollars on a gift card to distribute to your fans is a worthy investment.

After this, you'll be able to demonstrate your successful campaign's level of engagement to other businesses.

4. Use multiple hashtags

You can't be shy about using hashtags if you want to make money on social media.

However, don't limit yourself to just one in each comment.

Multiple hashtags have been shown to improve interaction.


Here, seven seems to do the trick.

The best interaction rates are seen with posts containing seven hashtags.

You shouldn't go crazy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. It's spammy to use more than eight hashtags in a single post.

Change up your hashtag use.

Some of them must be general and made for the largest possible audience. A common hashtag is #tbt, which stands for "throwback Thursday."

The whole public would be made aware of your message as a result.

The catch is that you mustn't become a mere statistic.

Construct a set of specific and relevant hashtags for each campaign. Look at the sample giveaway post to see how Jenner utilized the hashtag #ElevateYourLifestyle to make her post stand out.

5. Partner with a mobile app

I've seen a trend where the same social media influencers repeatedly partner with the same businesses. They advertise various products, including clothes, workout gear, accessories, and food.

While this approach may have flaws at first glance, it may not be conducive to long-term expansion.

If your cost per post increases beyond a certain point, businesses that have previously worked with you may go elsewhere to promote their products.

Do not be afraid to go outside the box and team up with alternative brands like mobile apps.

An excellent case in point of this tactic in action is a social influencer, Eric Rubens.


Eric's Instagram following exceeds 457k.

In his bio, you'll see that he's pushing several distinct aspects of his brand image. His website and YouTube handle are both publicly viewable.

But notice what I've underlined. It's his association with the cutting-edge smartphone app, Explorest.

This app's concept is one of a kind.

It provides detailed instructions on how to get to spots ideal for taking interesting pictures.

Additionally, Eric sees this concept as consistent with his self-perception. Looking over his profile, it's clear that he is an incredible photographer. As a result, we may safely assume that his audience cares about this kind of material.

For this reason, his collaboration with Explorest, a mobile app, proved fruitful.

6. Know your worth

80% of influencers surveyed said that paid endorsement material was their main source of revenue.

This trumped sponsored content and referral links. Brands contract a mere 33% of influencers.

Ensure your safety and that you are compensated fairly for your efforts.

If companies want to give you free stuff, great, but don't simply post for them. That won't cut it if you need to earn a livelihood.

You can tell by looking at the graph below that marketers want to allocate more of their marketing spending toward influencers:


Over half of all companies spend less than $250 for each post.

Another 27% spend anything from $250 to $1,000.

Only 4% offer up to $3,000 for each posting.

You probably won't be paid $3,000 for a single article unless you're a superstar. Despite this, a goal in the range of $250-$1,000 is fair.

For argument, let's imagine that you publish two sponsored pieces for separate businesses each week. You get $750 from one and $250 from the other.

You'll earn well over $50,000 annually if you maintain that clip consistently throughout the year.

7. Post-high-quality photos

If you're serious about building your social impact, you should only post high-quality images.

If you need to, go out and get a high-quality camera. The alternative is to upgrade to a smartphone with a better camera.

Just as the partnership with the smartphone app shows, producing excellent images may open up many doors for you.

Have a look at Albert Hongbo Yang's profile on Instagram:


These photos are just stunning.

With over 139k engaged followers, Albert has a substantial advantage when negotiating with sponsors to include their products in his photography.

Instagram may be a profitable platform for photographers, even if they have no interest in selling physical goods.

Images that both capture the eye and provide credibility should be shared.

8. Fully disclose your relationships with brands

Those who want to be taken seriously as social influencers must be transparent about any endorsement deals they may have entered.

To start, you must avoid doing anything that might mislead your followers or earn their suspicion. That can't be the case.

But the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires that, so that's the most crucial part.

According to the FTC, these disclaimers must be easily visible. You shouldn't use hashtags like "#thanks" or "#collab," which might be taken in several ways.

A disclosure that requires readers to "click further" or visit a new page to see it is likewise useless.

View Anastasia Ashley's post below for guidance on approaching relationship disclosure.


In this commercial, Anastasia endorses the skincare line La Roche-Posay.

She disclosed her affiliation with the company by tagging them and using the hashtag #sponsored in her post.

There's zero room for doubt there. She is following Federal Trade Commission rules.


Making money on social media is easy now. Some people can get by without ever selling anything at all.

Those with sizable online followings may monetize your accounts by promoting various products.

Even if you don't have a huge fanbase, you may grow your audience and activity to attract additional business.

I ensure that if you follow the steps in this article, you will be able to transform your social media accounts into cash machine.

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