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If you are a student and want to earn money by selling school notes to documents. This guide will help you to sell school notes or documents. Notes are a precious asset of every student but, when they are promoted to the next class, the previous notes remain of no worth. What if these notes collected with hard work pay you back?

Students’ notes never go wasted as they are bought by some academic websites in the present era. Students have to mention the subject, grade, and the chapter on the notes, and these websites purchase them at an excellent price. It means the more you collect notes, the more you get paid. 

These websites are specially designed for students to solve their queries, sell their old notes, and find new ones all from a single website. This method facilitates students no matter from which country they belong, and they can have notes collected worldwide. There are numerous such websites on the internet, out of which only a few are reliable and authentic. Here is a list of websites on which you can sell your old notes and make money. 

Top 3 Websites That Purchase Students’ Notes

The following websites are certified and are chosen worldwide by students to sell their notes.


 The study pool has a proper verified method of selling notes. You can not only sell the notes but also can buy notes for your upcoming lectures and assignments. To get paid by selling notes, you have to follow some simple steps.

  • First of all, take clear pictures of your notes, collect them in PDF, Docs, or zip form, and upload them on the website.  
  • Secondly, wait until your notes get approved and labeled with a review. 
  • Then students from all over the world will look for your notes.
  • Students who require your notes will pay you the amount and take the set in the last step.

Course hero is another website that helps students in collecting notes. Students can also make money by selling notes. It has great potential, and one can earn up to 20$ by selling one set of notes. 

Before you get started, you need to log in to the website. The log-in method is simple. You can either log in with your Gmail account or create a new account on this website. You can also log in through Facebook. 



After logging in, you have to choose your class grade. 


After choosing your grade, you can either run a free account with limited access or a paid account with unlimited access. That is a reliable website, and students worldwide use it to purchase and sell notes. 



After logging in, you have to choose your class grade.

After choosing your grade, you can either run a free account with limited access or a paid account with unlimited access. This is a reliable website and students worldwide use it to purchase and sell notes.



 Nexus notes website is considered the world’s best marketplace for buying and selling notes. This website is used worldwide because of its policies. You need to sign up to the website either by Gmail or Facebook.

The procedure of selling and buying notes is simple. You have to upload the notes and wait for them to get verified. Once they are confirmed, they are visible to students all over the world. If someone chooses to buy your notes, the payment is transferred to your account.

Although earning is not immediate from this site, you get paid sooner or later, and your notes don’t go wasted. 


How much one can earn by selling notes?

The average amount gained by selling one set of notes is $75, which is good pocket money for students. By collecting proper notices and selling them, students can make a good amount that would be enough to fulfill their expenses.

These sites are quite helpful for students as they couldn’t make enough money to help themselves during their tough student life and part-time jobs. These sites are a good source of earning for hardworking students. All of the given three websites are reliable and potent. Although making through these websites isn’t immediate, they don’t let your notes go wasted.

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