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Do you need to make money now, but do not know where to start? Making legit internet income from home has never been easier. Online income can help you make ends meet, pay off debt, and save money, whether you're between jobs, a stay-at-home parent, or want to earn additional money without leaving the house.

There are legitimate work-from-home opportunities, but be wary of frauds that ask for money up ahead. Instead, consider these simple methods for bringing in additional cash without leaving the house.

1. Sell Stock Photographs

If you have a talent for taking stunning photographs, you may use them to supplement your income. Users may post photographs to sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Adobe Stock and get compensated when others buy those images.

You'll get a cut of the profits, which may still amount to several thousand bucks if your photo becomes popular enough to be downloaded many times. You need to have exclusive ownership of the photographs and obtain releases from everyone whose likeness appears in the pictures or whose property is seen.

2. Pet Sit

Working as a pet sitter is a dream profession for animal lovers.

Pet owners and pet sitters may find each other on pet-sitting websites like Rover. Once you've established yourself as a reliable pet sitter by creating a profile and providing supporting evidence, you'll have complete control over your schedule and fees. According to Rover, you may make up to $1,000 every month.

3. Transcribe Audio Clips

It's possible to make some extra cash on the side if you have a fast and precise typing speed by transcribing audio snippets in your spare time. Companies like TranscribeMe! pay about $20 per hour, with high earners potentially bringing in over $2,000 per month. Higher pay scales are possible with specialized education and experience, such as in medicine and law.

4. Sell Unused Stuff

You may quickly and easily make extra money by selling your old CDs, DVDs, games, and books on the website Decluttr. Decluttr will tell you how much it will pay you for an item if you input the barcode.

5. Take Paid Surveys Online

You may be paid to provide your opinion on a wide variety of subjects on several websites. E-Rewards, for instance, are available to anybody over 13. You may exchange the e-Rewards cash you earn for various gift cards.

GlobalTestMarket and Harris Poll Online are two more alternatives. Income potential is proportional to the number of paid survey opportunities and the speed with which they are completed.

6. Become a Remote Sales Agent

Join the sales team if you have a pleasant tone and like interacting with people. While most sales agent jobs need you to work in an office, there are opportunities available where you may work from home.

One such organization is LiveOps, where you may join up to answer calls in 30-minute increments. The first step is to apply, get approved, and then spend around two weeks going through the company's training program. It's possible to earn as much as $2.50/hr in base pay, commission, plus bonuses for selling certain items.

7. Surf the Internet

There are a plethora of opportunities to win cash in cyberspace. Companies like Netflix and Amazon pay data aggregators like Nielsen to track your online activities because they want to know what you're buying and how often.

Here, Nielsen incentivizes app downloads so that users may report on their computer and mobile device habits. You may participate in the sweepstakes for each mobile device you own and get incentives. Nielsen's Computer and Mobile Panel participants are eligible for a monthly prize of $10,000.

8. Rent Out Your Car

One of the numerous ways to profit from visitors to your city is to rent out your vehicle. You may make money without leaving the house by renting out your automobile while not using it. With the help of services like Getaround, you can rent out your car whenever it's not in use.

With Getaround, you can drive with peace of mind thanks to their comprehensive insurance and round-the-clock roadside support. Getaround estimates that active drivers may make around $10,000 per year.

9. Get Cash Back When You Shop

If you do a lot of online shopping, sign up with Ebates to receive rewards on your purchases. More than 2,500 businesses have entered into agreements with Ebates.

When you purchase from one of Ebates' partners after clicking on a link on the Ebates site, the partner firm will pay Ebates a referral fee, which Ebates will then pass on to you. In addition, if you recommend a friend to Ebates, you'll get $25.

10. Recycle for Cash

Recycling not only benefits the environment by decreasing waste, but it may also assist you financially. You may receive your deposit refunded via a bottle return program in several states. You may get 5 cents for most glass and aluminum cans and 10 cents for 24 ounces or bigger bottles in California.

11. Watch Promotional Videos

Sites like InboxDollars discover and reward individuals eager to view films created by corporations in exchange for something of value. As you view videos, you'll get a little payment. Members of InboxDollars may also be paid to answer surveys and make purchases via the site if they don't feel like watching movies.

12. Share Your Spending History

Companies are interested in learning where their money is going. With the ReceiptPal app, you have to snap photographs of your receipts and submit them to be entered into contests and rewarded with points you can use to buy anything.

13. Test Websites

To get money while doing something you already like, consider joining UserTesting as a website tester. You may be paid by businesses that are launching new websites to test them and offer comments on how well they operate. For your efforts, you may anticipate a ten-dollar payout for every website review you complete.

14. Sell Coupons Online

Someone else may be prepared to pay for the coupons you know you won't use. If someone is looking to purchase a new laptop and you offer them a coupon for 10% off, you may find that they are willing to give you a percentage of the money they would have saved.

However, there are limitations to selling coupons on eBay. You are not allowed to offer coupons for free things; you may only sell up to $100 worth of coupons every month (25 coupons).

15. Create Slogans for Companies

Businesses are big fans of memorable phrases since they increase product sales. Compete in slogan competitions if you have a way with words.

Companies pay anything from $200 to $999 for slogans submitted to Slogan Slingers. If a corporation chooses your phrase, you will get the prize money (less applicable administration fees).

16. Teach Students Online

Think about online tutoring if you're good at breaking down complex concepts and assisting students in improving their grades. There are two main ways to start an online tutoring business: locate your students and charge whatever you want, or join up with an established firm like Tutor.com.

In addition to being an expert in the topic you choose to instruct in, Tutor.com demands that you be at least a sophomore in college. At Tutor.com, we need a minimum of five hours of labor from each employee weekly. Although Chegg does not advertise tutor pay rates, an hour of coaching may net you $20 or more.

17. Provide Tech Support Online

If you like figuring out computer issues and finding solutions, you can join a program that pays you for your expertise. You may discover high-paying freelance jobs on sites like Upwork and earn money and other incentives by providing technical support for others.

18. Search the Web with Bing

Changing your default search engine is a simple method to generate passive income. Using Bing, Microsoft's web search engine will earn you rewards. Searches earn you points for freebies like movies, games, and gift cards.

19. Become a Virtual Fitness Instructor

Become a virtual fitness teacher if you like assisting others but dislike making personal visits to the gym or your clients' homes. To win customers' trust and monitor their exercises remotely through a webcam or other technologies, you may need to become certified.

In addition, you may supply customers with training routines and do brief online sessions with them. You have the option of doing remote work in either case.

20. Sell Your Hair

If you often hear that others want your hair, you may have a moneymaking opportunity perched on your scalp.

HairSellon is just one example of a site that makes it simple to earn money online from the comfort of your own home by selling your hair. The site includes a calculator to help you determine a fair price based on the hair's length, thickness, and color.

21. Adjust Your Home’s Temperature

If you can lower your heating and cooling bills, you can boost your profit margins. According to Energy Star, you may save up to 14% on your power bill even if you're home all the time by raising the temperature in your house by 2 degrees and using a ceiling fan. Turning down the thermostat at night is another easy way to save money on energy bills.

22. Make and Sell Crafts

One of the best methods to generate money from home for creative types is to sell their wares online. Etsy and similar sites simplify this process by charging a flat listing charge of just 20 cents.

Since Etsy only charges a 5% transaction fee on sold items, opening an Etsy store and selling your handcrafted crafts or antique goods is a breeze.

23. Use an App to Find Price Rebates

It might be a headache to look for all the businesses that provide price guarantees, and filling out the necessary paperwork may be much more of a burden. It may now obtain rebates on prices without leaving your house.

For instance, if you enroll with Paribus and send your receipts to the service through email, it will keep track of the refunds you're entitled to. It will look for a lower price and submit a refund request on your behalf if applicable.

24. Review Computer Software

No one likes to shell out money for a piece of software to find out it doesn't do what it's supposed to. It might write software evaluations for financial gain to assist others in avoiding this catastrophe. As much as $50 may be made for each review on SoftwareJudge.

25. Share Your Knowledge

Sign up as an "expert" to assist others and earn money while sharing your experience. Sites like JustAnswer may pay you to answer questions.

To apply for a position in which you may offer responses, you must specify each category in which you have the expertise and show evidence of your expertise, such as a degree or certification. The salary you get is proportional to the demand for your skill.

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