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It's no secret that web design is a highly competitive freelancing niche. For this reason, entry-level web design positions might be hard to come by.

As luck would have it, site designers have several options for making money in the digital sphere.

Whether you're searching for a side gig or a full-time career, you may pursue a career in design if you have a passion for it. This page is a resource since it discusses several of the most common paths you may take. Peruse the descriptions to get a feel for the options that could work for you.

Reasons why web design Is a profitable side business

In this secondary market for web designers, your typical customer will be a local company or nonprofit. Many smaller companies can't afford to have a unique website designed and coded by a bigger firm. Side gigs and freelancers may help fill this need by providing services at prices that startups and nonprofits can manage.

Avoid being taken off by the claim that freelancers may provide "cheap" services to startups. The beginning charge at many agencies is roughly $25,000, giving you an idea. That rules out any web design project with a price tag of less than $25,000.

1. Join a Freelance Marketplace

Utilizing freelance markets or job boards to obtain freelance projects is, perhaps, the simplest method to make money online using any expertise.

Those with no prior knowledge of the business should use a marketplace.

There is an alternative to large markets like Upwork, where millions of freelancers competing for a small number of jobs.

Some locations, although less well-known, have a very little rivalry. Create an account at a new specialized social networking site. Make baby steps at first.

Freelance websites are a good place to hunt for work if you have expertise in your field. Using a job board, you may send an email straight to a customer and present your ideas. There is no cost associated with utilizing a service like Upwork.

Finding work via a freelancing platform or a job board will take some time. Be patient and persistent.

2. Sell Themes & Templates

One of the most profitable "passive income" opportunities is selling website designs and themes.

Some creatives have made a fortune off of the sale of themes and templates.

Creating WordPress themes and publishing them on marketplaces like ThemeForest requires proficiency in both PHP and WordPress.

You can also make money off selling HTML templates for different websites. The likes of Creative Market, ThemeForest, and Envato Elements all provide excellent venues for this.

Instead of focusing on growing your user base, you can use ThemeForest's massive existing customer base and focus on selling there. In exchange for their help, you will have to share the profits and cede a lot of autonomy.

3. Build WordPress Websites

As a web designer, you may make money online more inventively by assisting companies in developing their websites.

To make a website quickly, WordPress is the best option. Moreover, the financial rewards may be substantial.

This is a common practice among well-known blogs and independent writers. WPBeginner is one such service that provides free blog installation. This generates enormous income for them. Now let me show you how.

To begin, you should sign up as an affiliate with a web host and a few premium plugins from which your site would benefit.

Your next step in installing and configuring WordPress for a customer will be to suggest that they acquire hosting from a certain web hosting provider by using your affiliate link. The same logic applies to offering high-priced add-ons.

If you suggest a customer to a web host and they join up, you might earn $100 or more. Affiliate programs for plugins are another great source of revenue. WPBeginner and similar sites monetize in this manner.

That said, you needn't do anything without compensation. You may earn affiliate commissions from web hosting companies and a setup fee for creating the website.

4. Sell Hosting to Clients

In the web design industry, this is a common practice.

Website design is a real service offered by a web designer and is surprisingly affordable. He not only contributes to designing and developing the website but also hosts it on his server. They no longer had to worry about hosting and maintaining their websites.

He hosted all of the websites for a low price using a reseller hosting package. And then started charging the customer an annual fee.

Due to the low cost of reseller hosting plans and the ability to host several websites with a single account, this is where he earns his money.

With Hostgator's reseller plan, you may host an infinite number of domains on a set of customizable servers for a low monthly fee. If client hosting sales is something you're considering, give this a look.

5. Setup Shopify Stores

Many companies actively strive to develop their stores on Shopify since it is one of the greatest platforms for building online stores.

This is a chance for you to aid companies in establishing a strong foundation for their Shopify shop.

To assist companies in setting up shops and referring new customers to Shopify, you may become a member of Shopify's partner program. Shopify offers affiliates a referral fee for bringing in new customers.

Customers might expect to pay a fee if you're going to help them set up their shop. Using Shopify to launch a shop is a breeze. And because you have the knowledge they lack, don't be shy about charging for your services.

6. Flip Websites for Profit

Buying and selling websites is a lucrative industry on the internet.

To explain, here's how it goes down. Building a simple website or blog is the first step. You make an excellent design, use SEO best practices, and populate the site with useful information. You may then sell this website for a profit.

The alternative is to acquire a successful online business that is already established. To expand upon it a little. Improve its content and SEO, and you may sell it for a higher price when it begins to generate more revenue.

For example, check out Flippa or Website Properties to observe the process.

7. Learn & Provide SEO Services

Every web designer must have a firm grasp of search engine optimization (SEO).

Your web design business will benefit greatly from your newfound SEO expertise.

You may also go out to existing websites, do the necessary research, and then offer to optimize their sites.

Search engine optimization is a crowded field. But you can offer it as a service on online freelancing platforms, social media, and even by approaching local companies to assist with their advertising efforts.

8. Offer Maintenance Services

Customers who hire you to create a website often won't know much about either web design or website maintenance. The time is right to provide this as a service.

Advertise to potential customers that you provide website upkeep. They may employ you whenever they need to make changes to a page, create a new product landing page, or switch theme styles.

You can create appealing bundles for customers by including this service in your other offerings.

Maintaining websites is a service you can provide on sites like Envato Studio.

Bonus: Join an Agency

As a web designer, joining a web design firm is one of the greatest methods to ensure a stable income.

When you join an agency, you'll join a group of other web designers in a collaborative effort. Furthermore, you will be able to make significant contributions to major online initiatives. It's a fantastic opportunity to improve your standing and get valuable practical experience.

However, it's not simple to sign up with a company. One must first have a background in design. If you want to join the agency, you'll need to demonstrate your competence first.

Either reach out to a company you're interested in working for directly or utilize a site like LinkedIn to identify companies hiring web designers. If you're looking to join a local organization, you may do so by searching for one on LinkedIn.

Final thought

As a web designer, you have many options for making money online. Successful people think outside the box and put in the time. Incorporate some of these strategies into your offerings or try something new.

Just know that our money attitudes determine our financial outcomes. The internet provides a plethora of opportunities for financial gain. All we must do is consult the appropriate source. You should be paid for your expertise.


Can a web designer work remotely?

Many companies that hire web designers allow their employees to work from home. Some positions, however, need regular attendance at a specific location. Freelancing is always an option to earn money while sitting at home.

Whether a degree is required to become a web designer?

As with any field, some companies prefer to hire formal training, but those without a degree may still find work in web design. Most businesses will value practical experience and a demonstrated ability to succeed. And remember, freelancing is always an option.

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