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Flipping - Make money online selling websites on Flippa

In this article I'm going to share how I make money online building and selling websites on Flippa.com. Don’t worry if you don’t have any skills to code, I don’t have the skills to code either. I will be able to show you exactly how I did it, and the way you'll do an equivalent thing.

How I got Started to earn money designing and selling Websites on Flippa

In March of 2017, I successfully built and sold my first startup website, for a complete price of $1,000 on Flippa. The web site itself had no traffic and no revenue. The $1,000 I earned from the sale was nice, but what I actually gained was the knowledge and armed with this knowledge I just needed to repeat this process again and again and again. To further explain, building the first website which i sold on Flippa taught me everything I needed to understand about starting a web business. From buying domain names, to fixing hosting, to learning WordPress and graphic design, to managing a successful Flippa auction. I got firsthand experience with it all, and it paid off during a big way – I even have consistently made $1,000 to $1,500 monthly on Flippa after my first website sale. During this point I discovered three key factors which have had a serious impact on my success: During a gold rush, don't dig for gold, sell the shovels.
#1 Sell Great­ Looking, Functional Startup Websites
There are books about creating startups, thousands of blog articles, workshops, webinars and seminars – it’s just like the next gold rush. In my opinion, and from personal experience, there are two ways to maximize a gold rush:
A. Dig for gold hoping to take advantage big…Or… Sell the shovels and make steady income
 I sell the shovels here on Flippa to the entrepreneurs for the longer term. I brainstorm web startup ideas, I build them out, I take my time designing them to seem good, then I put them up for auction on Flippa where entrepreneurs buy them. It really is that straightforward business for instance, my first website that I sold was a drone pilot directory. My idea was to possess a directory site where land agents could find drone pilots to offer them the service for aerial photographs of properties. After discovering a WordPress directory theme that slot in with this idea, this is when I actualized the idea.
#2 Learn The Art useful Add Domain Flipping
The basic idea is that rather than struggling to explain the potential user value of a specific domain, you merely build that business concept out, take it to plug with minimal investment, and immediately put it up purchasable .So here’s my strategy:I wish to start my look for a top quality domain on Flippa within the Domains Marketplace. I usually select the Search Filter “reserve met”. I set a further filter for domains that are auctioning under $100. During this range (i.e. reserve met auctions for under $100), I’ve found that I’m usually only competing with one or two other bidders – so there are many good opportunities to be explored.

#3 Use Auctions to get Job Opportunities
Every time I auction an internet site, one lucky person wins and becomes the new owner. Of the people that don’t win, tons of them send me job offers to create similar websites for them. Since I’m creating custom websites for these clients I charge tons more. These are typically entrepreneurs who are very serious about their endeavors and can pay well to urge what they need. Every web developer should be building and selling websites on Flippa, period. If you’re a contract web developer you would like to be auctioning websites on Flippa for the lead generation alone. Period. These are hot leads. They’re messaging you because they already like your style and they’ll probably want you to create something very almost like what you only auctioned – oftentimes for tons extra money .

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