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Is freelancing as a graphic designer something you're interested in doing to increase your income? How can you use your design abilities to make money online? See if any of these options interest you as a means of creating an additional income stream.

There is an increasing sensation among firms to take advantage of digital marketing now that everyone always has access to the world's knowledge in the palm of their hand.

This allows businesses to attract millions of eyes constantly scanning their phones, increasing the demand for designers like you.

However, don't beat yourself up if your skillset doesn't land you a job. Finding legitimate online employment opportunities might be difficult due to the prevalence of online fraud and misconduct.

We've got you covered whether you're a graphic designer looking for work online or a layoff victim trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Here, you can  discover how to make money by graphic designing.

Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned Master of Graphic Design, the internet is teeming with opportunities to make money in the field.

Working as a freelance graphic designer gives you the flexibility to build your portfolio in any way you choose.

You may choose various opportunities that suit your goals and skill level, ranging from well-paying tasks like the bespoke website design to low-risk endeavors like sticker design.

Here is a list of options we think folks interested in graphic design may use to earn extra cash online.

1. Create Email Templates

If you own a small company, you should be using email marketing.

This allows them to make the most of their prospective customers' inbox time. And because of their ability to relate to and converse with the public, their enterprise is both accessible and successful.

This is why services like Constant Contact, which automatically sends out emails on your behalf, have become so well-liked. The company advises business owners to maximize their email marketing efforts and reach a global clientele.

However, not all company owners can afford elaborate design templates. Most of them turn to do-it-yourself design sites to satisfy their requirements.

Among the many sites of this kind, this one is quite well-liked.


Canva is a popular website where people from all around the globe can make professional-looking email templates in a matter of minutes.

One of the nicest features of Canva is that they pay designers who contribute to the site. Developing and storing your email templates on the server is all required.

After that, Canva will pay you a small fee each time someone downloads and uses your email template. It's a great option for college students looking for flexible schedules.

You may post your designs to the site anytime, and they will start generating cash for you immediately. On top of that, you own the intellectual property rights to your work, which means you can sell your email templates on other design platforms.

2. Offer Customized Design Services

If you're a graphic designer wondering how to earn money online, one option is to provide whole design packages to clients through your website.

WordPress site templates are a great place to get your feet wet before moving on to full website design projects. You can do the same with logos, stationery, and email template design and sell them as a package deal.

Providing these services may net you seven figures per project if you've established yourself as an expert in your field and a client trusts your judgment.

Here are a few places to join to obtain your first online customer and start your creative juices flowing.


You may earn a living as a freelance graphic designer by posting your work on SolidGigs, a legitimate online marketplace. In contrast to other freelancing platforms, SolidGigs offers its users well-curated listings of work opportunities.

This reduces the time spent sifting through fake leads searching for a legitimate online design job. There is nothing more to it than a free registration and profile completion on the site.

Then, SolidGigs takes your data and scours the web for the jobs that are a good match for you. This way, you may focus on the 15-20 customers a week that is the best fit for your business and avoid the others.

The time you'll save may be put to better use by learning new graphic design techniques and developing marketable end products.


If you're a skilled designer seeking remote work opportunities, Toptal should be your first stop. During the application process, all potential members are carefully examined.

One method is to conduct an in-depth interview with the potential freelancer to learn more about their background and experience. That is to say; the site brings in legitimate, well-heeled customers willing to pay for high-caliber design work.

It'll be much simpler to get design work when you join, from logos to exclusive digital brands to websites. Toptal freelancers may make six figures per year if they are reliable and keep their ratings high.


You can't break into the global marketplace without signing up with Fiverr. Graphic designers may find job opportunities all around the globe using this online platform.

This platform's adaptability is what sold us on it. If you're good at graphic design, you may promote your services by creating your gig.

You're free to set your rates, customize your offerings, and approach potential customers as you see fit. Due to the high concentration of graphic design freelancers on Fiverr, it may not be easy to attract your first customer.

Once you've proved yourself on the site and have a solid reputation, making passive revenue from it is a breeze.

As a bonus, after you've made a name for yourself on the platform, you may branch out into larger design tasks like website or app interface design instead of just a logo or stationery design.

3. Submit Designs on Merch by Amazon

You may make as much or as little money as you like as a graphic designer on the internet. Plus, Merch by Amazon made an already great situation much superior.

This is a platform where designers can exhibit their work and maybe earn a living. Plus, it may bring in money while you sleep, which is a major selling point.

Your gorgeous designs are all Merch by Amazon needs. When these plans are finally greenlit, you may kick back and take it easy. And, of course, you need to be patient to make money.

To make money with Merch by Amazon, you must first do extensive research on the finest designs, make appealing work, then submit it to the marketplace with prices.

From here on out, however, everything is taken care of by Amazon, from product listing and manufacturing through shipping and delivery. Plus, there are no upfront expenditures since it is a print-on-demand system.

When your designs are purchased, you get a loyalty fee. This may be a significant source of passive money for you.

4. Participate in Design Competitions

It may take some time until you become well-known in internet graphic design. That's because modern businesses may experiment with so many different strategies.

Nevertheless, those exploring online income opportunities shouldn't give up.

99 Designs

99designs is one of the most visited websites for real graphic design contests.

The site functions similarly to other freelancing marketplaces. It serves as a hub for the design community, bringing together artists with those needing visual branding.

99designs' design competitions are what set the platform apart. The website constantly posts new design jobs and solicits the help of all graphic artists.

The victor gets to sell his/her design to the client and pocket a tidy sum of money. All newcomers to the field of freelance graphic design now have a fantastic chance to get in on the action and establish themselves.

Similarly, you may learn how to advertise your design abilities and optimize your revenue on the site using its training offerings. It features an informative blog where newcomers may hone their skills and learn how to generate money online.

5. Sell stickers

That's your best chance if you're a graphic designer trying to make money online. Very little effort or time is required.

You may start working right away if you have Photoshop or another design program at your disposal. Depending on the market, you may design text-based or image-based stickers.

Dropshipping is an option for selling your stickers to clients all around the globe if you don't want to deal with stock management or other labor-intensive processes.

Moreover, you may sell your sticker designs via an online shop. Sites like Etsy and Shopify make it simple to open your online shop and start selling your handmade wares.

6. Create Designs for Printable Products

Graphic designers not only make digital items and provide online services, but they also make printed things.

Among them are the art of making comics and graphic novels. Comic books, however, are a multibillion-dollar business that few people realize exists. Monthly, publishers flood the market with thousands of brand-new comics and hundreds of brand-new graphic novels.

You may sell comic book artwork online to cash money in this booming industry. You may save the expense of transporting and storing them if you sell them online to customers who want to print them out later.

The same holds for coloring books. It's no secret that adults like coloring books as much as kids. In addition, adult coloring books have a sizable and growing customer base.

Furthermore, self-published books with unique designs sell better than books published the conventional way. If you can make your designs, have them printed with your trademark, and market them successfully, graphic design may be a lucrative career.

Final thought

Our recommendations for graphic artists interested in making money online are now complete. Even though graphic design is a very lucrative skill set in the modern job market, your efforts will yield no results without a solid plan of attack.

Always remember that the beginning of your freelance graphic designer career will require a great deal of hard work and dedication. That's because the market is flooded with creatives eager to cater to the needs of customers who are willing to spend top dollar for exceptional products.

Gain respect as an expert in your industry via hard work and creating an eye-catching portfolio. When you get to that point, you'll have what it takes to make the freelance graphic design your full-time job.

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