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How to make money publishing Low Content Book

Low content book publishing is a great way to make money online. It gives the flexibility to make money online without paying anything. It is a quick way to make money with very little effort or time to create. You can create a low content book in under 30 minutes. This method can also be used to create children’s books as well. However, the focus will be on How to create low content books. This article is a guide on how to make money by creating low content books. What is a low content book you may ask? Low content books are books such as notebooks, journals, diaries, gamebooks, coloring books, sketchbooks with very little to no content. To simply put, blank pages or lined page books.

To begin the process, you will need to first create a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account.

How to make money with Amazon Kindle Publishing

Step 1: Create A Book

You will need two pdf files, which are the manuscript and the cover. is a free tool, in which you can create your book over.

Microsoft word can be used to create your interior or manuscript pages. As this is a low content book, the pages can be just lines.

For both cover and manuscript, you will need to use the correct size. For my low content books, I usually use 6”x9” with Lined pages.

Step 2: Make A KDP Account

Create a KDP account and complete your standard details which include:

·         Author/Publisher Information (You can use a different name from your real name for the author. For Example ABC Publishing House)

·         Payment Information – this is the bank account information to receive your payments

·         Tax Information – this is self-explanatory.

How to make money publishing Low Content Book

Step 3: Fill In Book Details

Once you are signed into the KDP dashboard, Select “Bookshelf” there are has three options for the type of book,

1.    Kindle eBook

2.    Paperback

3.    Hardback.

As this is a low content book, you would select “Paperback,” You cannot select eBook as you actually want the person to buy a physical book. I recommend you start out with  6"x9" books.

Select eBook, this opens o a new page, which will need to be completed.

1.    Create a new title: This is the title of your book

2.    Subtitle:  This is optional, however, an additional title.

3.    Author: Enter your name or a pen name.

4.   Description: Enter the book description. This is important as many buyers read the book description before making a purchase. I recommend that you take a look at several different books to get an understanding, but do not plagiarize. Make it interesting.

5.    Publishing rights: Select the publishing rights. I usually select I own the copyrights etc.

6.    Keywords: Enter seven keyword phases. This is important as when a person searches these phrases, your book will come up on amazon for them. The keywords help you narrow your search results. When your target audience does keyword research, they are more likely to find your book as a result.  The first few books that come up in your search results don't need you to enter every term associated with the book.

7.    Category: This is the category that your book can be located. Amazon only enables you to use two categories.

8.    Adult Content: Check “No”, as this is a low content book (i.e. journal, notebook)

There are other fields to be complete but as you complete the form you will get the point

How to make money publishing Low Content Book 

Step 4: Upload Manuscript And Book Cover

The next tab is where you'll submit your book to your KDP account.

1.    Print ISBN: Check “Get a Free KDP ISBN”. Amazon supplies a free ISBN

2.    Interior & Paper Type: black & white interior with white paper

3.    Trim Size: 6” x 9”

4.    Bleed Settings: Check “no bleed”.

5.    Paperback Cover Finish: Choose either matte (Matte usually looks better).

6.    Finish Manuscript: Upload the PDF manuscript template.

7.    Book Cover: Upload the PDF book cover.

8.    Book Previewer: Click Launch Previewer to view a digital proof of your book. If anything is wrong with your book, the errors will be seen here. Approve if there are no errors.

9.    Click “Save and Continue”.

Step 5: Set A Price Of Your Book

At this point, you are ready to sell your book.  Amazon pays 70% on eBooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99 and 35% on eBooks priced beyond that.

Amazon calculates your royalties when you select your pricing. Following that, it tells you how much you'll earn each sale after a tiny “delivery rate” is deducted.

Expand the pricing area to specify different prices for each country. You can set it to auto if you don't care about foreign sales, but it works better manually.

Selling abroad may significantly increase your sales, so keep an eye on your foreign sales trends and nurture them. Our free course will teach you all you need to know.

·         Territories: Click “All territories (worldwide rights)”. This simply means your book will be available everywhere Amazon exists.

·         Primary Marketplace: pick US, which is the largest Amazon marketplace.

·         Pricing: Check the price of similar books and put the same.

·         Expanded Distribution: Check this if you’d like to make your book available to bookstores, online retailers, etc.

·         Other marketplaces: Set the price for all other available Amazon markets. Just use the default selections.

·         Terms & Conditions: Click to confirm, you should read it.

Step 6: Publish Your Low Content Book

It's finally here! Go back through the previous tabs to make sure everything is set up precisely as you want it. However, it is best to double-check the facts before publishing.

Once done, click “Publish Your Paperback Book.”

It's done! The process of releasing a book on Amazon isn't nearly as frightening as you thought.

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