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Publish your book on Amazon kindle and earn a passive online income

How To Publish A Book And Make Money With Amazon Kindle Publishing
With Amazon Kindle Publishing has made it very easy to self-publish your book and start making money in just a few hours.
The amazing thing about Kindle publishing is that you do not have to be a professional to write a book. Anyone can write a
book. You can write children’s books, self-help book, religious book, books about gardening etc. If you are passionate
about any topic, you can write a book and publish with Amazon Kindle Publishing. Here are a few tips to make money Kindle Publishing.

1. Find Your Category/Niche

First, you’ll need to find a suitable category for your book and a niche with a targeted audience.This will be an advantage
as you you'll be writing on something you are experienced on.If you do not have a ready made idea, you need to start
researching for the niche you’re going to write for before you even start with your eBook.You could start by looking at the
more relevant or popular topics though it is referable to write on something you are really interested in.

2. Research For Keywords

When you’re doing keyword research, you’re getting into the mindset of people who are searching for specific eBooks with
the intent to buy. It is about the words that the reader writes in the search engine to find books according to their interests.
The goal here is to find the words and phrases that potential buyers are likely to type in the search bar so that you can target
those words and make sure that your eBook appears on the search results page.

3. Striking Title

The title is the first impression that your reader will have of your ebook. Your eBook title should be catchy . The person who
reads the title must be curious and have the feeling that something is lost if he does not read it.Your main title should be
punchy and memorable. It should hint at the book’s topic, and it should resonate with your audience.

4. Memorable Cover

Your eBook cover should be visually appealing to command attention.You need a good cover for your book, or it won’t sell.
The cover gives potential buyers their first impression of your book. If it looks cheap and sloppy, readers will assume it’s not worth
their money.

5. A Description That Sells

The summary of the book has to be very well done. It is a fundamental tool to promote the sale.  Simply because people want to know
precisely what they are going to find. Readers will want to know exactly what your book is about and how it’ll benefit them. If
your description is flabby and packed with weak writing, it won’t be compelling enough for readers to click the buy button.

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