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Make Money Online With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

 Make Money Online With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

There are many online income streams that you can use to make legit income from home. Today the legit income idea that we will be focusing on is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). If you are a beginner at making money online, Kindle publishing is a great and sustainable platform to start with. You may not be a beginner to online income and is simply seeking other ways to make online income, this article will be of benefit to you as well.

Why choose KDP?

Today there are many authors who are making $50,000 and more in royalties from Kindle Direct Publishing. This kind of passive income can allow you to quit your day job, and give you more freedom and flexibility with your time and life.

Writing and publishing on KDP does not require a lot of time, or knowledge. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, I don’t have time for this, if that is the case, you can outsource the entire process to a freelancer on Fiverr. You can find more information about how to use Fiverr by clicking this link.

If you are thinking more on the creative side and is up for a challenge, below are a series of steps that you make take to become a publisher on KDP.

Step 1: Find Your Category On Amazon First

Find an appropriate category for your book idea on Amazon. There are many that you can choose from, you can even use Amazon itself. If you are not sure, here is how you can make a selection:

Go to the amazon.com website and navigate to the Departments > Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle Books. 

·        Navigate to Kindle books Next, click Best Sellers & More within the menu. 

·        Click Best Sellers and more Scroll down until you see the menu below and click on Kindle Best Sellers. 

·        Click Kindle Best Sellers Select Kindle eBooks from the menu. 

·        Select Kindle eBooks and pick a category and subcategory that fit closest to your book idea. For my book, I chose the category Self-Help and therefore the subcategory Personal Transformation.

·        Select a book category for your Kindle eBook. Once you have picked a subcategory, it’s time to research your potential competitors. 

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Step 2: Check Your Category’s Top 20 Books

By checking the top 20 books, you are looking for similar topics.

·   For example, if the premise for my book was self-reinvention, then you would choose a book with the precise word “reinvention” within the title, or a similar theme. Similar themes include behavior changes, personality changes, life changes, and so on.

If you are having difficulty finding similar books, just start over. Remember you are not trying to recreate a masterpiece. You are trying to create something that is trending and in demand.

If there are similar books to your idea, proceed to the subsequent step below.

 Step 3: Check The Simplest Seller Rank Of The Highest Books In Your Category 

Once again, you are not trying to recreate a masterpiece. You are seeking to create something simple that can compete and make money now.

·        As such it is important to understand how well the books in your category sell.

·        Amazon does not give you actual sales figures, nevertheless, their “Best Seller” rank provides an honest estimate of what to expect.

To find a trade book’s ranking, scroll down to its product page. The ranks are going to be listed under Product Details.


·        Find a book's trade book rank on Amazon The higher the rank (with #1 being the highest), the more copies it sells — this also means, it will also be difficult to beat in sales.

 Understanding Amazon Book Rankings

·        Rankings above 1,000 will have great sales numbers, these books are generally very competitive.

·        Rankings from 1,000 to 30,000 are less competitive, but will still have decent sales numbers.

·        Rankings of 30,000 and lower are not as competitive, but also will have lower sales numbers.

·        As you'll see, the sweet spot is within the middle. You don’t need a category that’s too competitive, but you also do not want to choose a category that is not generating sales either. 

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Always aim for categories where you think that you can succeed. Aim to get into the highest three books in that category. If you get your book featured within the top three once you launch, there is a high probability that your book is going to be featured within the Hot New Releases List which is free promotion for your book to skyrocket. If you appear high enough on therein list, your book will get much exposure. Amazon will feature your book during a highlighted section above other books that are almost like yours. What are you waiting for, take your step to make Amazon KDP, your new online income stream?


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