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Easy way to Make Money Online with Amazon Kindle
Step #1: Find Your Category On Amazon First,
 you’ll got to find an appropriate category for your book idea on Amazon. 
Here’s how: 
Go to the amazon.com website and navigate to the Departments > Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle Books. 
i) Navigate to Kindle books Next, click Best Sellers & More within the menu. 
ii) Click Best Sellers and more Scroll down until you see the menu below and click on Kindle Best Sellers. 
iii) Click Kindle Best Sellers Select Kindle eBooks from the menu. 
iv) Select Kindle eBooks Pick a category and subcategory that fit closest to your book idea. For my book, I chose the category Self-Help and therefore the subcategory Personal Transformation.
 iv) Select a book category for your Kindle eBook Once you’ve picked a subcategory, it’s time to research your potential competitors. 

Step #2: Check Your Category’s Top 20 Books For Similar Topics 
The premise for my book was self-reinvention. I didn’t got to find a book with the precise word “reinvention” within the title, but I did got to find books with similar themes like behavior change, personality change, and life change. I found some books that were almost like mine (#3 and #5 below explicitly state they’re about change, while #4 may be a book about improving your life in general). Check your category for top 20 books for similar topics At the top of this step, you’ve answered the primary question. you recognize whether there are similar books to your idea.

 If you can’t find any similar books, you would like to travel back to the start . undergo your list of book ideas and check out again. However, if there are similar books to yours, you'll proceed to subsequent step. it'll answer the ultimate two questions: Can you compete, and are there enough buyers? 

Step #3: Check the simplest Seller Rank Of the highest Books In Your Category 

If you would like to understand whether you'll compete during a category and whether there are enough buyers, you would like to understand how well the books in your category sell. You won’t find any actual sales numbers on Amazon, but through their “Best Seller” rank you'll get an honest estimate. You can find a book’s trade book rank by scrolling down its product page. The rank are going to be listed under Product Details.

 i) Find a book's trade book rank on Amazon The higher the rank (with #1 being the highest), the more copies it sells — but also, the harder it'll be to beat. you've got to seem for categories where the typical trade book rank is neither too low nor too high.

 ii) Here’s how it generally breaks down: Rankings above 1,000 will have great sales numbers, but are going to be very competitive. Rankings from 1,000 to 30,000 are less competitive, but will still have decent sales numbers. Rankings of 30,000 and lower are the smallest amount competitive, but also will have lower sales numbers. As you'll see, the sweet spot is within the middle. You don’t need a category that’s too competitive, and you don’t need a category with low sales numbers. 

iii) Aim for categories where you think that you'll crack the highest three books. If you follow the strategies laid call at this post, you ought to be ready to reach the highest three in categories with medium competition. And if you'll get your book featured within the top three once you launch, the probabilities your book are going to be featured highly within the Hot New Releases list will skyrocket. If you appear high enough therein list, your book will get many exposure. Amazon will feature your book during a highlighted section above other books that are almost like yours, like this:

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