12 Best Items To Flip To Make $5,000 per month

Buying and selling stuff at thrift shops, flea markets, or garage sales is a simple supplement to your income. In this post, I'll describe the greatest goods to flip in 2023.

To make a profit by reselling or item flipping, someone needs to look for an item with the potential for resale or profit. This enjoyable pastime has the potential to become a stable source of income for anybody willing to put in the time and effort to master the necessary skills.

Selling furniture, exercise gear, and books on Facebook Marketplace may be quite profitable.

Read on if making money by trading items seems appealing to you. Learn what to sell, where, and how to sell it online to make a quick profit here.

1. Books

If you want to make money from books, you need to know which authors and titles are in demand, often because of scarcity. Finding valuable, complete sets of first editions is an excellent way to earn money from your collection.

Before spending a lot of money on a book, it's a good idea to research the market and learn about the process of creating rare books. This industry might be highly profitable if you're mobile and have the means to do so.

2. Sporting goods

In the summer (or off-season), when folks are clearing out their garages of their disregarded New Year's goals, you could find some of them at a discount. I hate to break it to you, but that's the truth. They are one of the simplest things to flip and resell after a little cleaning. Make sure you're prepared to sell between Christmas and the new year (or at the start of a certain sports season) since this is when you'll see the most profit.

It should shop for equipment for golf, hockey, ice skating, cycling, and high-end stationary cycling.

3. Video game consoles

Although you may earn a respectable profit by reselling used game systems, the real money is in the latest releases. These are common items to find at yard or garage sales.

It's possible to make a tidy profit by purchasing new video game systems and reselling them when demand exceeds supply. If you want to buy a new product, you'd have a lot of spare cash and some buddies to get in on it since these items sometimes have a purchase restriction.

Since "sold out" is every parent's biggest fear during the holidays, you should expect even more sales if you issue them around Christmas. In these situations, it is normal to see a higher price (higher than retail).

4. Solid wood furniture

Reselling furniture may be quite profitable even if it's in bad condition or has dated finishes and hardware. You need a little time, some elbow grease, and some basic tools to do this.

You want something other than cheap, mass-produced junk; you want genuine, old-fashioned wood furniture. Wooden furniture is heavy, so if this is your market, be prepared with a sturdy moving vehicle, a flatbed, or plenty of strong pals. You'll also need somewhere to work on the furniture; a workshop, a spacious garage, etc.

During the late spring (when people start frantically looking for new homes), it's a good guarantee that communities will have garage sales every Saturday. Large goods are often left where they are because their owners do not want to relocate them.

You may hone down on a certain subset of results, becoming an authority in your area (if that interests you). The demand for and price of midcentury modern furniture has increased. Or, if you have a thing for Stickley furniture, scoring a full (although weathered) dining set might be a dream come true.

5. Electronics – New

If electronics interests you, focus on the old or the modern. The knowledge and expertise required to fix each item are unique, so be sure you're prepared.

Keep in mind that many individuals need to be smarter with technology. Thus your expertise is highly sought after. Many believe it can't fix these items, so they gladly give them away or throw them out (at no cost to you).

Newer - Value in displays, mobile phones, and tablets tends to hold steady for a few years, or until the underlying operating systems stop supporting them. MacBooks may get in the low hundreds, while Apple devices and Galaxy phones fetch in the low hundreds. They are safe bets for flipping and guaranteeing a quick profit.

If you still have useful bits, remember to put them up for sale with the rest of the item.

6. Vintage Electronics

Collectors prize early videocassette recorders and cathode ray tube televisions. Some record players are also, so it pays to shop about and be on the lookout for a good offer. Many electrical devices wind up in thrift stores, making them a potentially lucrative commodity.


There has been a resurgence of interest in bicycling, particularly in urban areas where finding a parking spot has become a major hassle and expense. Training is required for this one, as is some time, since fixing bicycles is different from second nature. There are usually opportunities to learn how to repair bikes at local nonprofits that also serve the community. Learn from industry professionals while making a positive impact on your community.

You may get a lot more money from a buyer if you fix up the bike and sell it to them after you've put in new brake pads, handlebars, tires, and a chain. Particularly if you dwell in a city where riding a bike to work is commonplace.

8. Baby items

Baby gear might sometimes be the most accessible target. Used baby gear is a fantastic alternative since new options may be expensive. Keep an eye out for baby strollers, high chairs (particularly those made of solid wood), and more.

However, if you buy a stroller that has been recalled, you can have trouble reselling it later on, so keep that in mind. Many expectant parents will remain apprehensive even after the problem is resolved. Some baby gear, such as car seats, has a shelf life and should be replaced after it's beyond that date or is no longer considered safe to use after having been in a car involved in an accident. As such, you should use caution with such a product.

If you do an online search for "best baby + piece of equipment," you'll quickly see dozens of ranked lists. Keep in mind the most well-known brands as a starting point. These things are in great demand since many mothers would only purchase "the finest" for their newborn.

9. Outdoor furniture

People want these and similar items removed from their homes and yards. They're almost begging you to take it for free. Okay. It only needs to have the moss removed using a power washer, the cushions washed, and the cobwebs removed. Ideally, you would start thinking about where to get these things in the late winter or early spring and have them ready to go by the middle of April for the best possible profit.

Again, ensure you have enough space to keep it before investing in this group.

10. Antiques

The profits from reselling antiques are among the highest. That said, there are several subsets within this larger whole. Learn the market and what sells best in antiques before you invest any time or money. To earn money, you must be aware of the worth of the items you purchase, and the easiest way to do this is to know more about the item than the seller.

11. Collectibles

Again, this is something you should have extensive knowledge of. Learning all there is to know about baseball cards, Steiff plush animals, Hummel figurines, and antique GI Joes would be an enormous undertaking. Therefore, decide on a subgenre that appeals to you and research the current state of the market for it. Please don't waste your time on an option it can't resell for a profit.

Newer objects on the verge of being resold at face value are best invested by purchasing limited editions or items from noteworthy events. It's a common way to earn money online since many individuals purchase bulk to resell on eBay. Examples of collectibles that may cost a greater price than they were selling for a week ago are DisneyWorld Limited Edition 50th Anniversary pins.

12. Antique Jewelry

Given the size and diversity of the market, this product needs its subset. Jewelry is a timeless accessory since there are so many different designs and periods to choose from (even if it rotates a bit).

If you have a complete set of anything, you can earn a lot of money by reselling it after a quick cleaning, polishing, and a few small repairs (which, ideally, you can do). You've seen them: earrings with a necklace and maybe a bracelet or ring to match.

Consider becoming a costume jewelry specialist if you need more resources to fix items. Also, this has a huge potential customer base.

Where do I find the best things to flip?

The good news is that you are surrounded by opportunities to save money. Keep your eyes open, that's all. The greatest locations to locate the next hot item to flip are...

Garage sale - Many communities have yard sales in the late spring, so clear your schedule. Be prepared to haggle over pricing (particularly if you're shopping late in the day) since many vendors want to get rid of their wares.

Facebook Marketplace - Once again, many individuals are looking to get rid of stuff, so haggling is to be anticipated. If you know what you're doing (and how to haggle), you may find great prices on this site since most users are not pros.

Flea market - Find great vintage and antique treasures, but haggling over pricing is sometimes welcome.

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