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Want to sell your art? Many would-be artists don't know how to market their work. Maybe you're an artist who has problems earning money. Artists were restricted in how, when, and where they may sell their paintings. No sites sold art. If you wanted to sell your art, you had to do it in person at a gallery, a show, or a street sale.

With the rise of the internet, it is easier for creative people worldwide to connect and market their products to a wide audience.

Let's look at the finest places to sell art online so you can earn cash.

1.    1. Etsy

Etsy is ubiquitous when discussing online marketplaces for art. Artists of all hues now use a well-known online marketplace that opened in 2005 to advertise their work, network with potential clients, and sell their products online.

The large number of individuals using Etsy is its greatest strength and weakness for creatives. You may reach one of the biggest craft and art lovers communities via its online marketplace. However, it also has one of the greatest populations of artists seeking to earn a livelihood off their work, so it may be challenging to get your work seen by the proper people online.

How to sell art on Etsy:

You'll need an Etsy store if you want to sell your artwork on the website. When you're ready to start selling, open a store and advertise your wares (with professional images, of course). Fortunately, Etsy provides several resources to assist you in promoting your shop to the appropriate demographic.

Etsy's listing cost is quite low compared to similar platforms. It will add payment processing fees of 3% plus $0.25 to the sale price of your artwork if it sells. Promoting your wares on and off the Etsy platform will incur extra advertising costs.

2.    2. Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon is a go-to for purchasing everything and everything, even works of art.

The biggest online retailer in the world gives a wide range of options for selling artwork, including the specialized marketplace Amazon Handmade. There is also a specialized section for fine art, where you can shop for original works by collaborators, such as paintings, sketches, watercolours, and photography.

How to sell art on Amazon

Selling on Amazon might cost you money, depending on the marketplace and the sales channel you use.

You'll need Amazon's approval before selling your artwork on Amazon Fine Art. After approval, the referral fee is 5-20% of the entire cost, plus $0.99 for every item sold. On Amazon's price page for sellers, you may see a comprehensive overview of all charges.

Referral fees for sales made via Amazon Handmade are 15% of the selling price.

3.    3. FineArtAmerica

FineArtAmerica is one of the biggest online art markets in the world, so it's a good option if you want flexibility. FineArtAmerica's approach blends a conventional art gallery with a wide variety of print-on-demand options. They have you covered whether you want to sell your original artwork online or allow customers to have their artwork printed on various products, such as T-shirts, iPhone cases, and greeting cards.

How to sell art on FineArtAmerica:

FineArtAmerica's selling steps are:

  •          Open an account
  •          Add art photographs
  •          Pick products to showcase
  •          Set your rates and go

FineArtAmerica sets a basic price for each product. Set a markup that you retain when the product sells. Digital downloads retain 100% of their pricing. FineArtAmerica adds a 30% commission markup. And if you sell an original? 100% of the sale is yours.

4.    4. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art might be the place to be if publicity is your goal. There is a sizable following for the virtual art exhibition and market. Over a million people follow them on Facebook, and have over 650k followers on Instagram. Monthly page views on their website are over 12 million. If you want to sell internationally, Saatchi Art can assist with that. Over eighty nations have bought from the marketplace.

How to sell art on Saatchi Art:

All you do to get started with Saatchi Art is sign up for an account, take some photos of your artwork, and upload them. The only real labour in selling a finished piece of art is in the packaging. Saatchi Art will ship the artwork and keep 35% of the transaction price.

5.    5. UGallery

If you want your work in a high-end gallery, try UGallery. Its paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, and photography appeal to art lovers. This internet gallery/art market showcases new work. So, they only show work from budding and mid-level artists, which must be unique and exclusive to the platform. UGallery aims to reproduce the feeling of visiting a high-end art gallery online.

How to sell art on UGallery:

UGallery's application is competitive. To apply, artists must provide digital copies of their work, a statement, a completed application, and $5. UGallery will advertise your work to its audience if you're accepted. UGallery splits sales 50/50. Their staff will give you a personalized box and pay packing and shipping fees.

6.    6. Shopify

Sometimes selling your art online is the greatest way to earn a career from it.

Shopify makes selling art online simple. Shopify lets you construct an attractive, easy-to-navigate e-commerce website to display your work and generate sales. Shopify's website layouts and marketing tools make it simple to launch your store.

How to sell art on Shopify:

A monthly membership charge starting at $29 (for the starter plan) and going as high as $299 is required to construct and host your art store (for a more advanced set-up). In addition, you'll need to arrange a payment method for those who purchase your artwork. Shopify Payments is free of charge. However, an external payment gateway will cost you between 0.5% and 2% in transaction costs.

Do you want to test Shopify but aren't sure whether you're ready to commit long-term? If you're interested in creating a website and selling your artwork online, you may do it for free during the e-commerce platform's 90-day trial period.

7.    7. TurningArt

You've probably seen paintings hanging on the walls of a huge, fancy office building before. You should check out TurningArt if you've ever imagined your work hanging in a public space like that. This business not only sells and leases artwork to corporate customers but also facilitates the creation of custom pieces for those companies.

How to sell art on TurningArt:

TurningArt may be used in three ways to generate income:

  • When an artwork is leased out, the artist receives a monthly payment based on a  certain proportion of the artwork's value.
  • When an artist's work is purchased, he or she is entitled to a percentage of the selling price.
  • Customers often hire artists to do custom work for them via commissions.

TurningArt's percentage of the sale is flexible. When an original piece is sold, the artist receives 60% of the proceeds, but when a canvas print is sold, they only earn 20%.

8.    8. Society6

Society6 is a great partner if you want to have your artwork featured on a wide range of items. On this print-on-demand giant's site, you may sell your artwork in many categories. These categories include furniture, technology, home dΓ©cor, wall art, and clothing.

How to sell art on Society6:

To begin selling your artwork on Society6, you must sign up for an account and add the artwork to your artist's store. If you desire your work to be visited in a certain category, you may activate it there. You may have a design that works well on furniture but another that looks better on tees, posters, and phone covers.

There is some positive news! When it comes to online art galleries, Society6 is among the more user-friendly options. They handle all aspects of advertising, processing, printing, and transporting. So, what's the bad news? To put it bluntly, they are not the best places to make a profit off your artwork.

Only ten per cent of the proceeds go to the artist. Besides the affiliate program, art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints may be marked up even more, which means even more money for you.

9.    9. Zazzle

A further prominent participant in the print-on-demand industry is Zazzle. Zazzle is quite like Society6 in that it allows you to sell your artwork on various items. There are now over 1,500 sterile product kinds available on the site. Contrarily to Society6, though, Zazzle lets you choose your royalty rate, which may increase your earnings every sale.

How to sell art on Zazzle:

To become a Zazzle designer, submit your work and pick items to sell. Zazzle handles print, ship, and customer support.

Zazzle lets you determine your royalties. Zazzle will alter the product price based on your chosen rate (5-99%).

Setting your commission rate lets you earn more each transaction. Because you'll pass on that rate to consumers, could you not set it too high? When other artists offer comparable designs or items at a lower price, it might be challenging to sell on Zazzle.

Final Thought

The primary focus of an artist is on their creative work. You may expand your consumer base and boost sales with the help of these online art marketplaces, providing you with the financial security to keep running your company. This leaves you with just one more step. Now is the time to put these resources to use, get out there, and start making deals by selling artwork online.

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