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Did you know that you may earn money by reviewing different products and services on the Internet? Review sites that pay you this year are discussed below.

Do you check the ratings and reviews of a product or app before you buy it? Most shoppers will. Qualtrics found that 93% of consumers look at review websites before making a purchase decision. Review sites are ubiquitous because individuals rely heavily on reviews when making purchases.

Business owners recognize the financial benefits of favorable product evaluations and are prepared to compensate reviewers accordingly. Check out the review writing positions available on the following websites if you're interested in how to make money by giving reviews.

1. Get Reviewed

If you want to find paid review writing jobs, Get Reviewed is a fantastic place to start. Paid opportunities to provide content such as testimonials and weblog posts are always on the table. Focus on a particular area of study to achieve mastery in that subject. Getting other people to connect to your site from theirs is the next stage. The trustworthiness of your website will improve, therefore.

You must submit your blog for evaluation if you want to get paid to write a review on this site. Your blog will be shown on the market after it has been approved. Advertisers will be able to read your blog and contact you about reviewing a product. You will be notified through email whenever someone makes an order for a review on your site. You may decide whether to grant their review request based on their email. Additionally, you discuss pricing for your evaluation with the customer.

You will be paid to write the review after you and the client agree on the due date and fee for the work. When an article is finished, payment is sent to the author usually within 14 days. PayPal is used for all purchases on the site.


  • Long payout time frame
  • Payment per item might be capped.


  • Membership is restricted to established bloggers only.

2. CrowdTap

CrowdTap is an enjoyable app for mobile product reviews. The program is mobile-friendly and may be accessed from any smartphone. Check out their "daily missions," which are the goods they'd want you to evaluate on that particular day. You may get a free product or any other incentive if you leave a review for them.

You may choose from many payment methods. Some businesses, for instance, may provide free product samples as a kind of compensation. Some businesses may provide gift cards as an incentive. It's also possible to earn vouchers redeemable for free products or discounts at certain stores or restaurants. In terms of rating applications, this is among the best.

In addition to the methods, there are a few more. To provide just a few examples, there are daily polls, surveys, and review platforms that you may use. Putting your thoughts into writing and publishing them on your blog will get you bonus points.


  • The length of a survey might range from just a single question to several dozen.
  • Only $5 is required to withdraw your funds.
  • If you're more active, you'll have a better chance of receiving a larger payoff.


  • For payouts only, gift cards will be issued.

3. Ciao

Ciao is the name of another review website that may interest you. Although it is situated in the UK, this review site welcomes users from all around the world, regardless of their proficiency in English. Products from Amazon are among the many that can be found on their website.

In addition, there is a featured or endorsed items section that changes on the website often. As a result of the high demand for authors' opinions on these items, the company is prepared to pay more than usual. Payment for reviews varies but is always proportional to the review's impact on site traffic.

It's not necessary to be wealthy to seek a compensation. With a minimum balance of 5 pounds, or around $6 USD, you may request payment. It may be challenging to attract many readers to your initial review, but after you've honed your skills, you'll be able to earn a substantial income online.


  • Only $5 is required to cash out.
  • PayPal cash outs available.


  • The price of per review could be low.

4. UserTesting

If you're looking for a method to earn money off of writing reviews, this might be a great option for you. UserTesting is a great resource if you want to try out new websites and software. You'll need to record a 20-minute video to submit for approval. Then, you'll get compensated $10 for every review you write. If you'd rather discuss a product or service than buy it, this site might be useful to you.

You may use whatever device you choose to record it, so long as it supports the platform's required recording software. Computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets all qualify as examples. You'll also want to capture an in-progress demo of your testing the website or app. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to those who would film themselves using their items. As a result, this strategy may provide you with one of the best opportunities to earn money from product evaluations.


  • Try out new software and websites before anybody else.
  • Salary increments are possible.


  • Potentially, you'll need some specialist tools.

5. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is another option to think about. They've been around for a while and have an excellent reputation, making them one of the oldest research businesses out there. Most of the feedback Harris requests from you will pertain to ongoing advertising initiatives.

You may, for instance, be required to see a company's promotional video series. After that, you'll be asked for your thoughts and feedback. You may also be asked for advice on how they might make their promotional films more relatable to you.

You might also be asked to compare the labels of several products to discover which ones stand out to you. To increase their marketability, businesses must take note of this.

If you fill out surveys for this firm on a regular basis, you'll earn points toward future gift card purchases. If you win the raffle, you may possibly get an additional prize. You will be entered into a random drawing with each completed survey or review.


  • Cash prizes are awarded weekly and quarterly.
  • Income from a wide range of sources.


  • Use only gift cards as payment.

6. ListVerse

Try out ListVerse if you like writing in longer form. If you want to be paid, here's a website where you can do it: build a "top 10" list. "List articles," as they are often known, provide you a chance to express your imagination. Choosing which things to review is entirely up to you, and you're free to suggest many items in a single piece. Prior to continuing, it could be helpful to compose a paragraph or two on each topic. After the publication of your list, payment is sent to you through PayPal.


  • Encourages authors to try new things
  • You may make $100 for every piece, which is quite good.


  • It's possible to turn down articles.
  • There might be intense competition.


7. Review Stream

If you want to be paid for your reviews, you should check out Review Stream. If you're interested in making money, this is the program for you. In addition, you can get extra compensation if a user finds your review helpful. A user's vote of confidence indicates that they found value in your review.

You may review whatever you want, but if you want to see what others are talking about right now, you might want to check out the trends on social media. Products and services that have gained in popularity usually fetch a higher price from ReviewStream. Furthermore, you may get paid extra for a review that adheres to the platform's publication rules. It's also more probable that consumers will find value in these reviews.

The business uses PayPal to send money when you request payment.


  • Potential for greater gains.
  • Variety of topics to choose from.


  • A lengthy acceptance procedure.
  • Costs are based on several factors.

 Final Thought

If you want to be paid to review products, books, and more, you can submit your work to some of the sites listed above. Many firms will offer you free samples and new items in exchange for an honest assessment on a review website. To supplement your income from writing, you might use other tried-and-true strategies, such as publishing reviews.

Before applying to the top affiliate marketing networks and producing review material on your website, these sites are an excellent idea as a side job.

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Here you will find answers to some important questions.

Do you know of any other online review sites that pay?

You may earn money from writing reviews in a variety of different venues. To cite just a few, you may look into InboxDollars, Slice the Pie, and Swagbucks. For software evaluations, you should familiarize yourself with some of these formats. In certain cases, you may be compensated for your efforts with a gift card to the online retailer.

How can I share my reviews with a wider audience?

Creating a YouTube channel is a good idea if you like reviewing items. Put together a video of yourself using the product and sharing your opinions with the world. To others, your review will seem more credible if they know you are really utilizing the product. You can find more information on creating a Youtube channel in our article, The most legit ways to make money on YouTube

To earn money from writing reviews, what steps should I take first?

Make sure it's not a scam before you spend time writing reviews for the site in the hopes of getting paid. Fake reviews on a website should raise red flags. Check out what others have to say, and make sure you'll be fairly compensated by the website.

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