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Are you searching for article writing websites so you may start making money online? You may earn money while at home if you become a freelance writer. Every day, opportunities for freelance writers to make a living are posted.

Online writing jobs might be a great way to supplement your income. Customers and sites that pique your interest are entirely at your discretion.

Freelance job sites are great resources since they include postings from actual companies looking to hire. You may immediately seek writing jobs after signing up for an account.

Improving your writing skills

Many freelance writers generate money online legally. To get picked from the big application pool, you need abilities. So, improve your writing talents by being open to all options.

Improving your writing abilities may help you earn money to put food on the table. Follow these methods to improve your writing and earn high-paying internet writing jobs.

Know the latest trends:

Writing successfully demands a persistent thirst for development. For instance, Search engine optimization (SEO) entails developing content that attempts to rank in search engines.

SEO firms and AdWords consultants might benefit greatly from this.

You may improve your marketability as a freelancer and your earning potential as an SEO writer by studying SEO best practices like employing relevant keywords and authoritative links.

Meet other writers:

Join online writers' forums or organizations to meet others. You may also discover jobs via these organizations. You may be employed immediately because a writer introduced you to a customer. You'll get expert tips on websites that pay well for writing jobs.

Take writing short courses:

Use the abundance of free online writing courses offered by professionals in the area, such as professors and working writers. You may be a native English speaker, but that doesn't mean your writing will be great. Great writing requires correct grammar and spelling, originality of thought, and the ability to organize that thought to make sense to the reader.

Freelance article writers have the added perks of working at their speed, determining their rates (as their popularity increases), and receiving a reliable income.

Best writing sites

If you're interested in making money online via writing, here are 10 places that will pay you to publish your work.

1. Wow Women on Writing: $50-100

Wow Women on Writing excels at one thing above all others: taking care of female writers by providing positive reinforcement and actively seeking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the freelancing world. Their wide-ranging readership has a common interest in producing high-quality work for women.

Wow Women focuses on entrepreneurial innovation, freelancing, and professional development. The articles are often in-depth and are meant to provide authors with tools to enhance their craft and promote their work. You may also request payment through a check if you're located in the United States.

How to get started

Take in some of the other Wow Articles out there first. You should get a feel for the site's vibe before diving in. This website is great because it informs visitors without being stuffy and shows genuine enthusiasm for promoting talented authors.

  • Avoid just copying their work or rehashing an old concept.
  • The maximum payment per 3,000-word feature piece from Wow is $150.
  • Think about how you can contribute. How will your article benefit the audience?
  • Readers are looking for easy-to-follow, practical information, and you should provide it to them.

Women authors are highlighted in each issue of Wow Women and the monthly topic. While I can't say much about the quality of the in-article links, I can say that your Author profile will include a link to your website.

It will not open attachments, so please do not send them. The body of your email should consist only of the content of your article or proposal. You may increase the publication likelihood by sending a bio and links to your previous works.

2. Strong Whispers: $50 – $150

Strong Whispers covers lifestyle, ecology, and other social concerns. Wide array. You may contribute more.

Articles may vary from corporate greed to school reform or global leadership change to allowing the people to control how we treat the environment and exploit resources.

How to get started

Earnings per post are flexible but usually range from $50 to $150. They are ready to pay extra for the appropriate piece, and the site publishes two to three guest contributions each month.

Step 1: If you're interested in writing for them, please provide an outline of a potential piece, along with your desired rate. Each topic must be both novel and profound in its potential effect.

They also want that you link to your current blog or a place where your work has been published online. They'll let you know whether the subject is relevant to them and if the sample you sent is up to par.

Step 2: If you've been asked to contribute and given the green light, write something and send it in for consideration. It will not accept subpar guest postings.

Each piece has to be well-written, factual, grammatically sound, and unique. You may check out their requirements to ensure your submission meets their standards.

Step 3: Your article will be evaluated once you submit it online. You'll get one of three emails when we examine your submission:

  • Rejected – Poor quality.
  • Requires some changes
  • Approved.

If everything checks out, it will be scheduled for release immediately or at some point in the future. You will be paid via PayPal at the time of publication and may begin making money online.

3.    3. Link-Able: $100 – $750

Link-Able lets professional writers publish for a variety of clientele and sectors. Link-Able connects authors with companies seeking mentions, links, and traffic.

Jay Douglas founded Link-Able, which gives attractive fees based on the sites you own or can pitch. The niches include business, finance, marketing, health, sport, IT, and retail.

Note: The site only accepts native English writers and those with a record of high-quality English work.

It's straightforward to use. After you're accepted as an author, explore writing jobs and apply.

How to get started

  • To become a writer, you must first register and choose a specialty.
  • After you've been accepted, you may start looking through writing opportunities.
  • Be sure to read the job requirements thoroughly before applying. Please suggest a place to publish your writing and a topic for your piece.
  • You are paid to write and publish your work.
4. Cracked.com: $100 – $200

To put it simply, Cracked.com is a comedy website. To get some additional money, writing for Cracked.com is a great option for those who are humorous, witty, or imaginative.

That's right, zero prior knowledge is required. This is a fantastic method to monetize your site if you have worthwhile material. Now is your chance to get your questions answered by the editors themselves. Articles, photoshops, infographics, and videos all make up their material. You may choose one of these.

How to get started

After signing up for the site, go to the "Writer's Workshop" tab, which will take you to the forum where article proposals are discussed.

Article ideas are pitched by writing the article's premise, five potential subtopics, a full column's worth of content, and a summary.

  • As of this writing, you can earn $100 per piece.
  • If you have up to five articles published, the rate increases to $200 each.
  • You will get a $100 incentive if your article is among the month's top ten most-read pieces, as determined by website traffic.
  • If you win one of the weekly (I'm guessing twice) Photoshop challenges, you may earn an additional $100.

Occasionally, the design area will also provide a bonus. They'll pay you $100 if your infographic is displayed on the site, and you may win $500 for creating the winning T-Shirt.

5.    5. What Culture: $25 – $500

Every month, millions of people across the globe tune in to What Culture for its news, opinion, and entertainment coverage.

The journal is in the UK and is published online. Therefore it reflects the current cultural climate. Dozens of authors make a living posting article on movies, music, video games, sports, television, and other topics to a growing readership of five million unique monthly visitors.

Hundreds of articles are written weekly by different authors, some of which have been featured on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM, and other national media outlets.

How to get started

The What Culture team has started implementing a mechanism allowing all contributors to get paid for their work.

A few writers have made £700 from a single essay during the beta testing period. Because it is based on page views, it rewards the greatest authors whose work is the most in-demand.

Historically, authors who could think up novel ideas and carry them out well have been the most successful.

If you'd rather not write, they're also searching for skilled video creators like filmmakers and YouTubers to fill their content needs.

Contact them at editor@whatculture.com if you believe you have what it takes to write engaging articles or produce viral videos and earn money online doing it.

6.    6. B. Michelle Pippin: $50 – $150

Michelle Pippin is searching for articles advising small company owners on expanding their operations and boosting their bottom line. Michelle Pippin's business and marketing writing are insightful and of the highest caliber.

The site might be worth checking out if you've created something unique or have a useful tip or trick related to the business and marketing sector. Although it is aimed toward female entrepreneurs, the site also includes news and information on marketing, case studies, and the company's financial side.

There is a diverse range of content on the site; most of it relates to business and marketing.

You don't have to make your pieces as technical as they would be for a scholarly publication, but you should make sure they cover more than just the essentials.

Michelle will count on you to complete your homework, and if your findings are published in her print magazine for paying subscribers, you may anticipate a raise.

The typical commercial or promotional article on the site is about 800 words.

How to get started

  • Originality is required.
  • If your work is published in my members-only (print) newsletter, you'll be paid extra but can't reprint it.
  • Per-article payment is sent through PayPal on the 1st of the following month.

Fill out the form and list your skills. Keep your pitch and offer brief.


This article analyzes websites that pay writers. Make sure you can write well before starting a writing company. Build a portfolio of writing examples to display your talents. You may slowly create a profitable writing career. Explore your writing specialty, but don't be hesitant to start.

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