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 This guide will help you that how to make money by watching videos on different platforms. Money-making is the utmost need of time. Everyone is looking for some suitable ways of making extra money to fulfill their needs. There are thousands of sites claiming to pay just by watching videos. It sounds astonishing, yet all sites are not legit for money-making. Some of them ask for the registration fee at first and never pay you back.

Watching videos and making money is a helpful scheme for students as they aren’t skillful at doing a job. Students require extra cash for their necessities, and they can earn good pocket money by just watching videos. There are some sites by which people can make legit money just by doing simple tasks as watching videos.


REV is a money-making site that allows you to make money just by adding captions to the video. The task is to add a closed caption to the video and earn from it. There are two ways of making money through rev, either by translating or transcribing, or adding subtitles to the videos.

Translation and transcribing

People all over the world are earning by transcribing and translating videos. By part-time working, average earning from rev per month is $1000 that is a good amount. Rev is a freelance marketplace that allows you to transcribe videos and eases people who want an excellent transcriber for their videos.

1.    Adding Subtitles:

Adding subtitles is also a simple job. One who has native-level language skills can add subtitles to a simple video. That is a simple yet paid task. Rev provides opportunities to thousands of jobless people to work and earn from home.

First of all, you need to sign in to rev for subtitle transcribing. Then you get started with subtitle transcribing the videos. Your skills are tested at first. Rev works like any freelance marketplace where the customer can accept or reject the order by giving particular views.   is an online money-making site by which people can make money just by watching cryptocurrency videos. First of all, you need to log in. There is a complete guide about how to earn by watching cryptocurrency videos.  


Make Money By Cryptocurrency Watching View is a legit site that pays its users for watching videos. But in some cases, people also faced issues in money withdrawal and called it a scam. Thousands of sites can help you in making legit money just by watching videos.

But in the case of cryptocurrency, you need to watch videos and learn how to do it. Cryptocurrency has an emerging future ahead. A small amount of investment is required at the start that is about 10$.

People all over the world are making thousands of dollars just by buying cryptocurrency and reselling it. The utmost demand of this method is the complete knowledge of mining, trading, trends, and investment management. Otherwise, cryptocurrency is like a bet for people who aren’t acknowledged enough.


How much you can earn from cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has no earning boundaries. It can either be in thousands of dollars or even more than that. One requires polished skills to start trading in cryptocurrency.  

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