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In this article, you will know everything about that how you can make money by writing. Writing is a broad topic that covers all types of writing. It is one of the most paid online professions. People all over the world are looking for writers. If one is skillful and has a grip on his vocabulary, he can write with efficiency. There are thousands of ways to get paid writing.

Numerous freelance marketplaces are hiring writers for self-employed jobs. They are not bound to 9 to 5 jobs and free to work at home. These marketplaces provide content writing, essay writing, summary writing, story writing, ghostwriting, blog or article writing, and much more. The list of writing tasks never ends.

One can earn by writing books, stories, articles, and blogs. Some sites are looking for writers to write related content include product reviews, descriptions, and lists. That is a list of jobs that one can do at home with the comfort of his couch. These jobs do not bind you to a place and don’t make you sit for hours.  You are free to write at any hour of the day.


Blogging is another form of writing in which you do not work for others but work for yourself. For blogging, one needs a blogging website, a perfectly chosen niche, and a laptop. The blog is the most reliable way of earning as you are paid directly from Google. It just requires good English language skills.

Even if you are not an expert in the English language, you can hire freelance writers from the freelance marketplace and ask them to write for you at a reasonable price. You need to apply for AdSense association to get paid, and for that, you need to fulfill the requirements.

Blogging is one of the most profitable online earning methods. If you have expertise in any of the fields, you can make a blog of it. Suppose a person belongs to a medical field, they can create a blog on the health and nutrition niche. That will convert your practical knowledge to the internet, and people are benefited while you are paid. 

How much one can earn from blogging? 

One can earn more than $2000 per month from an actively running blog. The top-ranked niches for blogging are health and nutrition, tech, lifestyle, and online earning.

A Fine Parent – is a blog that pays for articles about parent

A blog on the internet named “a fine parent” pays you to write articles on parenting. That is also a helpful method to make a good amount every month. Blogging websites of your own might be more profitable, but at the start, it requires a lot of effort and investment.

But writing in somebody else’s blog and earning through it is a commendable way of making it. This site is most suitable for parents as they know how to school their kids. They can write facilitating content in this regard efficiently.

Steps To Get Paid

When you open up this site, you can see two options, one is to write in magazines, and another one is to write blog articles. You need to select the second option.

The second step is to sign in to the site by Google account.  After you sign in, you have to agree to the terms and conditions.

Now you get started to work as a freelance writer.

How much one can earn from a fine parent blog?

One can earn up to $100 per post from a good parent blog by writing parental schooling articles.  

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