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How To Make Money Online Dropshipping

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online With Amazon

Make money online now with Amazon Dropshipping. Amazon Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money online from home. It is a great way to make money online from home. This is a real business and should only be ventured into if you are serious about making money online. Many Dropshippers have reported making over $10,000 per month in profit. You too can the principles and start to make money online.  Why Amazon you may ask? Amazon is a global brand and arguably the largest and most successful online retailer. With over 150.6 million mobile users, Amazon is the most popular shopping app in the USA. Amazon customers also have high levels of trust and loyalty. Dropshipping on Amazon allows you to benefit from that trust. Also, Amazon offers really fast shipping, which will get the orders right to your customers’ door. This is a better option than dropshipping Aliexpress, which primarily ships out of China and takes months to arrive to customers.  

Dropshipping with Amazon can be done without much difficulty if you understand the regulations and the fundamental procedure. This Amazon dropshipping tutorial will accomplish exactly that. Let us begin.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the method of selling goods without having to store or transport them. The product or retailer (in this case, Amazon) is in charge of production, inventory, and delivery. Your job as a dropshipper is to manage an online shop where you take orders, ship them to suppliers, manage customer care and get the customers to the store.

What is Amazon Dropshipping

So, how do you get started with Amazon dropshipping? Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon service allows dropshipping. When you use this service, Amazon receives your goods and ships them straight to your consumers.

Amazon has some of the quickest delivery speeds in the online shopping industry. Your consumers will get their goods even faster as a result of this program.

8   Step Checklist for Dropshipping on Amazon


Step. 1 Choose the right platform or shopping cart

Shopify is a good recommendation. A good reason to use Shopify would be their partnership program with Amazon. To streamline order management between Shopify and Amazon, users may integrate Amazon as a sales channel.

Step. 2 Sell right goods

Vendors that wish to sell their products on Amazon must comply with several criteria and limitations. It seems that you may establish an Amazon shop without getting permission if you're selling in a certain niche like books or computer and video game accessories, or office supplies.

Check Amazon's banned goods list to make sure you don't fall into one of them. Hoverboards and hazardous products are examples of prohibited items.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Step. 3 Make an Amazon Seller Account

You need a business account if you're going to sell a lot of goods. With the individual selling plan, you'll pay 0.99 cents for each item sold, which will cut your profit margins.

Don't forget that you'll also have to provide competitive pricing, as well as the odd discount, while still ensuring that you earn enough money to reinvest in your company. Take this into consideration when calculating your profit margins. You must pay a monthly membership fee and a few extra charges to use a professional seller account.

You'll want to sign up for Amazon Seller Central using your email address. After that, you'll have to enter your email address and password. More information regarding your company is required, such as the location and tax identification number (ITIN).

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Step. 4. Get approved in your product category.

As previously stated, Amazon approval is required for certain product categories and niches. Popular categories like fashion, beauty, and jewelry need Amazon's approval before you may open an Amazon storefront in those areas. You may find specific clearance criteria for each category on this page.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Step. 5 Set up your Amazon account on Shopify

After you've been authorised and your account established, you may connect your Shopify shop to your Amazon account. For each new channel, click the Add button in the left side of your Shopify account.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

A pop-up window will appear. Amazon should come in first. Then click the Add Channel button.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Now, continue with ‘‘Connect to Amazon’’.

 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Step. 6 Start Dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify

See Shopify's left panel by clicking on the Amazon sales channel link. Then click "Create Listing."

Click 'Select Product' when you're ready. You'll have a choice between two choices. If your company is the manufacturer of the goods, you must get UPCs. Nevertheless, dropshippers will choose the second option: "Another brand manufactures this product."

After that, you'll be able to look for products to sell under that SKU and become a vendor there. Then click 'Select' after you've located the item. To complete the procedure, you must click 'Publish' at the bottom of the page.

Pro tip: If you're new to dropshipping, look for goods on Oberlo (a Shopify app that pulls products from Oberlo) that have little competition yet high-profit margins before listing them. With Shopify, you can import Oberlo goods straight to Amazon, where you may offer them as a drop-shipper.

Step. 7 Allow Shopify to keep track of your inventory.

Make sure Shopify keeps track of your inventory. When a buyer puts an order on Amazon, they can be certain that the goods will be available when it arrives. Orders for goods out of stock may lead to bad reviews and additional customer care time that you hadn't budgeted for.

Step. 8 Make an effort to promote your Amazon business.

If no one knows about your business, how can you expect to make any sales? The next step is to direct traffic to your store.

Don't forget to advertise your business on all of your social media platforms, google etc. You may also use Amazon advertising to get your product in front of more people and increase your revenue.

Amazon Dropshipping: Is it a Good Business Model?

It's possible. Dropshippers often make between 10% and 30% on each sale. Using Amazon as a dropshipping platform, they'll lose around 15% of their income.

Selling at a 30% profit margin means your net profit after selling on Amazon is 15%. This is a good deal, particularly when you consider the large potential audience you'll reach with it.


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