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Make Money With SEO

Make money with SEO. This guide helps you understand what is SEO, the types of SEO, and how to make money with SEO. SEO is known as search engine optimization, and after learning the skill, you can earn real money from this skill. SEO is a way to rank a website in google's top search results against the query in google search. So you can organize your website or earn from SEO by providing these services to others. This process is used to bring organic traffic to the website against the query type in search results. There are so many websites launch every day, and every website owner wants his website to be top of the search results and demand for that skill increase day by day, and you can also a good amount of money from that skill.

Make Money With SEO
 7 Ways to Make Money With SEO

How can someone with no SEO knowledge do SEO backlinks? 

Although to do SEO, you must have knowledge about that to do it perfectly. But yes, some tools make your life easy if you do not have SEO knowledge. So if you know a bit about SEO with the help and guidance of these, you can still do so even if you do not have too much knowledge about that. Some tools like Ahref, keyword surfer, Moz,semrush, uber suggest will help you. You are using WordPress. It's a big bonus for you because there are so many plugins like rank math, Yoast etc., that will help and guide you to optimize and complete optimized content.

How much can you earn from SEO?($600-$900)

The earnings of the SEO specialist depend on the quality, type of work, but mostly an SEO specialist charges $100 to $150 per hour. This rate can go high depend on the skill, types of work, and client. It depends on which organization or clients you are working for. Some good companies are paying much more than that to their workers.

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • technical SEO

On-page SEO

This is the primary type of SEO, and the first step of this SEO is to search the keywords related to your website's niche. After finding and filtering the keywords for your website, the next step is to place those keywords in the website's content. Finally, it is necessary to write an SEO-optimized description for your website that would be helpful to rank your website in the search results of search engines. Also, keywords density, meta description, schema mark up, open graph tags, breadcrumbs, rich snippets are part of on-page SEO. Another essential thing is voice search SEO. As time goes on, the trend of voice SEO increases every day, so it's necessary to optimize the website for voice search SEO.

Off-page SEO

search engines mainly crawl the website's links to links. Off-page SEO is also known as link building. On an excellent off-page and link-building strategy, it's crucial to analyze your competitor first. After studying your competitor on which website he took the backlinks for his website, you can contact that website to take the backlink of your website as well. You can find better websites than your competitor's websites to build better links and higher rankings on the search results. Different SEO tools can help you analyze your competitor and find the best websites to get links.

Technical SEO

 Technical SEO is used to fix the technical issues of the website. In technical SEO, you will make sure that your website meets the modern technical requirements of the search engine. Fixing different errors, speed optimization of the website, improving broken links, crawling and indexing your website, duplicate content, and architecture of your website are part of this Technical SEO. 

Places To Sell SEO Skills

There are following online marketplaces that pay you higher depending upon the project and client, and you can sell your skill on these online marketplaces.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru.com
  • people per hour
  • Freelancer.com

Make money with SEO

There are the following ways to make money with SEO

  1. Onn page SEO services
  2. Off-page SEO services
  3. Tehnical SEO services
  4. Website Audit
  5. Keywords explorer
  6. SEO article writing
  7. Youtube SEO

On page SEO

On-page SEO is high in demand in online marketplaces. You can provide your online page SEO services on different platforms and can make good money with SEO. Many clients on these platforms can't buy your services for their website and will pay you well. Also, you can join different Facebook groups and find good buyers there as well. You can get big and small projects in these services.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another essential part of SEO. Link building is significant to rank a website in search results. As I mentioned above, search engines crawl a website link to link, so it's essential for a website that has good backlinks from a repeated website. So that website can rank as well. You can find those websites and make a list of the websites of different niches and contact them to give your website link. you can do this for your website also there is so much buyer looking for SEO specialist to get the links their website. You can charge them high, which will give you an excellent chance to earn a good amount of money.

Tehnical SEO services

You can earn higher by providing technical SEO services as well. If you are also a web developer, that will be a huge bonus to make more money with these technical SEO services. In addition, you can fix the website's issues, boost the website's speed, and fix different errors of the website as well.

Keywords explorer

Finding perfect keywords are essential for a website. That's why so many clients are looking for an SEO specialist to find the best keywords according to your website's niche and the placement of those keywords in the content. They will pay you well for that job depending upon the services and work.

Website auditor

Another top-rated and in-demand service is website auditor. The demand for the website auditor is very high in the online marketplace. This is because so many clients are looking for an SEO specialist to do a complete audit of their website to help them find and fix their websites' different issues. There are so many tools that you can use to generate this audit report, or you can manually write that report for your client as well, depending on the client's need. You can charge them according to your skill and work.

Youtube SEO

Video SEO is also in so much demand because youtube is also a google product and works on a unique algorithm like google. So you can provide your services to different clients on the various marketplaces to rank their videos on youtube organically. As a youtube SEO expert, you can earn a good amount of money depending upon the project and video.

SEO article writing

if you are good at writing, this is a perfect chance to earn more through SEO article writing. This is another trendy and in-demand skill in the marketplaces. The purpose of SEO article writing is to rank the article for a website. If you are good in SEO and your writing skills are good enough, you can earn so much money by providing SEO article writing services to different clients.


this article should clear your thoughts about SEO and describe how you can make money with SEO. the future of this skill is very bright. The demand for SEO experts increases every day as so many new websites and businesses launch. You can get clients through Facebook and from different online marketplaces. This skill will give you a huge chance to earn good money for yourself.

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