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Can You Still Make Money With Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency news is everywhere. It's hard not to hear about the cryptocurrency prices or a new cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency list is all over the internet. We are glimpsing how Bitcoin or Litecoin hits another high point. Everyone wants to make bitcoin money. We don't want a new rise in the cost of cryptocurrencies. You've been thinking about how to earn with cryptocurrency money.

Everybody enters the cryptocurrency industry to earn money, but not everyone does it. Many individuals either just quit up on their journey or fall into some kind of trap with the growing crypto frauds.

In fact, with cryptocurrencies other than the apparent means of trade, there are many ways you may earn real money. We therefore decided to examine some of the established methods to use bitcoin to earn money.

Ways to earn

There is an explanation of best ways to earn with cryptocurrency

Buy crypto and HODL

This is the most frequent method in which cryptocurrencies generate money. Most investors purchase currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. They sell at profit once their market values increase.

What is HODL?

This investment approach demands that more stable and volatile assets be identified that may quickly change value, leading to regular profit. Assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum are known to sustain regular price changes, thus they may be seen as a secure investment. However, you are allowed to trade any item that you believe will increase in value. All you have to do is evaluate any asset in which you invest before you commit to HODLing it.

Points to keep in mind

Ø  You don't also have to purchase the most costly assets to generate money for you. There are hundreds of tiny cryptocurrencies with good price movements and consider having a mixture of all the coins with a promising future worth and not just popular in trade.

Ø  Your first option is simply to purchase coins. Various exchanges allow you to buy or trading coins in your digital monetary wallet.

Ø  Coinbase is perhaps the most common exchange. Coinbase provides a very great UI and is excellent, for example, if you have no relevant expertise in cryptocurrency. This is the most perfect way to earn with cryptocurrency.

Ø  Whenever you have created your account, you pay the coin market rate and then keep it up until you are ready to sell.

Mining currency

Mining is an amazing way of obtaining certain crypto currencies. However, not all digital currencies function. Many individuals think that mining is bound to acquire as many coins for yourself as feasible. However, the whole procedure is a little more confused. An person utilizes his or her computer in mining money to address complicated mathematical calculations that authorize transaction blocks. All transaction blocks are now created inside a protocol. They should simply be authorized for market access.

The first person to approve the protocol receives part of the virtual token he has verified.

Make cryptocurrency dividends

Were you aware that you may purchase and keep digital money for a dividend? Considered all, different virtual currencies pay you mostly for purchasing and keeping your digital goods. The greatest thing about these currencies that provide holders a dividend is that you do not have to put them in a wallet in particular.

There are a few instances of dividends that include COSS, CEFF, NEO, KUCOIN, etc. Similar to conventional stocks, not all these coins are suitable for your portfolio; you must consider and choose what seems to match your investing goals.


If you look at specific coins that you can't afford, relax, since you can still acquire them. There are 2 key block approval methods — proof of work and proof of stake.

While PoW anticipates users to remove the blocks and confirm the transactions by way of sheer computer power, PoS works completely unexpectedly. The person who claims to produce another block is chosen in a proof of stake framework, in view of the amount of coins that one already possesses.

Staking looks very much like a lottery game. The more coins you own and stake, the more opportunities you need to authorise the transaction. Thus, you will earn money through cryptocurrency.

Payment in cryptocurrency

Another method to earning money with cryptocurrencies is to pay them. You may accept payment in your favourite cryptocurrency if you run a company where you offer goods or services. You need a digital wallet and you can deal with those who want to pay in bitcoin.

You may find consumers or users using cryptocurrencies with a little investigation and want to pay by transferring the currency via the blockchain. However, in light of the worth of the currency, you should be able to figure out what service may cost.

After you receive the money, you may either use it to pay for anything other than it or save it until the value increases. If the value of the currency rises, you may make a big profit later by selling US dollars.


A cryptoreferencing scheme is a very popular and excellent method to collect cryptocurrency. Most frequently, you don't even have to spend anything to refer to a project and earn anything. You may register on the website, get your unique link and begin recommending and earning.

WISE and many other cryptocurrencies provide excellent returns. With WISE both the referrer and the referee earn 10% extra tokens for each successful stake.

Work for cryptocurrency companies

This is a popular method to make a profit from the industry. Anyone may work for a bitcoin business, including digital marketers, content creators, site designers. You only have to define your requirements and demonstrate them how your talents can solve an issue.

The greatest part about working on crypto platforms is that you will work remotely, so that you have the freedom to work in your own place.

Others provide extremely competitive packages for most crypto-companies and if you happen to be able to deal with genuine companies, don't hesitate to grab this opportunity.

Below are some examples of platforms that pay for services provided in digital assets:

·         Coinality

·         bitWAGE

·         JobsforBitcoin


·         XBTFreelancer 


These businesses provide compensation for cryptos; this implies, then, that in a few days if not hours, the value of your income may more than double.


Cryptocurrencies investment is the correct option for 2020 and beyond. It may seem dangerous at first, but in the long run it is far more lucrative. Research and diversification of your portfolio may readily reduce the danger of cryptocurrency. These ten methods to make money with cryptocurrency have been shown to provide excellent returns for crypto investors. Try them.

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