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Make Money Painting Lines - Easy Online Jobs

 Hi Guys, in this article, i will show you an easy method to make money online painting lines. so let's go ahead and jump over to this and we're gonna start off here with a website named  Fiverr, you may have heard already a lot about Fiverr which is an online marketplace for freelance services, on this platform, you can offer almost any digital service online on this website and start charging $5 or more for anything that you want, any type of business or service or or skill that you have, you can start charging starting at $5 all the way up to even $400, this is a great place to go in to start a gig as what they call it because there are thousands of people millions of people going to this website every single day looking for the different services that you have to offer and that's where we come in since through this demand, we can make alot of money doing this.

So, what we're gonna talk about in this article is offering a gig in a service so that we can help people remove backgrounds from photos. I know it sounds really really simple but usually the simplest things are that are some of those really overlooked type things when it comes to make money online and so what you're gonna do is go over to Fiverr website and type in “remove background from photo”  on the Fiverr search bar and you're gonna find a bunch of gigsof people offering the background removal services from images. It's really easy to remove the background from different objects, remove the background from a phone, remove the background from a picture of yourself and more.

 I hired a guy on Fiverr, I sent him five photos and I asked him to remove the background from each of the photos that I did, because I did some posing in my office and had the background behind me and you know I could probably figure it out right since I can do this in Photoshop but I don't want to spend the time doing it and I would rather just go over to Fiverr and hire somebody to do that and pay them like five bucks to do it for each photo  and well guess what it cost me 25 bucks, the guy who did such a great job I gave him a $5 tip, so it was only like 30 bucks and I now I have five photos that have the backgrounds completely removed and people thousands of people need this job done and so a lot of people are just sitting back leaving money on the table when you can actually go on Fiverr and create this gig.

 Now you're probably wondering, well how the heck do I remove the background from photos, I'm gonna give you all the details right on this article.  We've got thousands of people coming onto Fiverr every single day looking for different gigs because they need the backgrounds removed from their photos and it's your job to stand out and make it. You might be wondering what do people need these backgrounds to remove for, this is simple, while they're creating YouTube thumbnails, they're creating background cover photos for you know Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all of these social media accounts. 

It doesn't really matter since people need the background removed from photos for various different reasons, so what we're gonna do is to go here on Fiverr, sign up, then create a gig and you will have started your own business and offering background removal services to people on there. Now, what are you gonna do next is go over to this website it's called clipping this is the most incredible thing that I found out recently and I'm just looking at this and am amazed since before i found this website,  I used to spent like an hour on Photoshop going around the photos and stuff and crappie and everything and removing the background but this website right here clipping magic will actually do everything for you and all you have to do is just paint a couple scribbles on the photo.This is the easiest thing anybody can do and you start offering this service on Fiverr and making money from this.

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