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How to make money fast on YouTube without making videos

For many folks , it's hard to regularly supply Youtube content for a channel. That would be for several reasons like time, equipment or skills. Another problem that folks encounter is that the incontrovertible fact that you would like 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of content watched. But what if I told you that you simply could start monetizing a channel within a month without making videos. Here may be a guide that you simply can start implementing today.

1- Find your niche:

Identify the sort of videos that you simply watch the foremost on Youtube. For me, for instance , I watch tons of compilations, pranks or top 10 videos. Why is that relevant? Because here you're getting to find your gold mine. Most of the channels we´re watching aren't using their own content. These channels go and find videos to reupload them so as to form money. They monetize their channels by using ads and affiliate marketing. it's totally legal and falls under use . One example may be a channel that I watch a lot: Goalcast which regroups motivational speeches from inspiring people in several formats. Utilize your passions so as to extend the standard of your content.

2- Create your channel:

Create a replacement channel on your Youtube profile. Now, you would like to brand to be suitable for your niche and make it seem professional. Proceed to make a logo, a profile picture, and a banner. Then fill out your bio sections with a few keywords that have a high volume of research. you'll use Ubersuggest or Keywords Everywhere to see out the stats. this may make sure that your channel won't be considered as a robot or banned from the platform. Now that your channel is about it should look something like this

3- Monetize your channel:

Now let´s pass to your content. attend Youtube search type keywords within your niche than within the filter section tick creative commons and type by count view. Creative commons may be a feature that indicates that you simply can use the content within the video as long as you are doing some edits without being copyrighted. After you discover the content that you simply are getting to use, make the modifications required and make a video of your own: compilation, ranking, controversy, pranks, and challenges tend to figure rather well on the platform. Once you finish the editing, add a thumbnail and use the keywords that you simply initially used for your research.

To achieve fast results, upload daily one to seven times for a month. you ought to be ready to monetize your channel fast following this model.

4- Optimize your videos:

To make certain that you simply will set your videos for fulfillment , you would like to know what brings you money on Youtube and it´is supported by your click-through rate and your watch time. So I´ll leave you with my final recommendations on the way to optimize your videos:

  • Create attractive titles

  • Design thumbnails whenever 

  • Edit your videos

  • Storytell

  • List your videos under a standard license

  • Be consistent

This method is additionally called curation and it's an equivalent concept as in house publication of medium. If you're getting to try the tactic , comment on the channel that you simply are getting to find out or your progress after a few months.

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