Get Paid To Copy & Paste Websites ($249,543,295.00 Total Paid) Make Money Online - Legit Internet Income

Get Paid To Copy & Paste Websites ($249,543,295.00 Total Paid) Make Money Online

Hello, in this article, i want to share with you a legit internet income paying website and take you through a method in which you will get paid to copy and paste websites. This website has paid out over 300 million dollars to their users all around the world and you can imagine what a fraction of that amount would do to your lifestyle. What would you be able to do even with just a slice of that huge pie of income, where could you travel, what could you experience and how amazing would you feel, well in this article, i'm going to tell you exactly how all of these guys are making millions of dollars just by copy pasting websites, you don't need tag skills for this, you don't need previous experience and it's one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2021.

So, the website in question which we will be using is Empire Flippers and it has paid out over 300 million dollars in total to their users and over 4 million dollars in the last 30 days only and it started like two years ago and it's already paying out millions of dollars to its users. Now this is a silly question, but can you type it in the comments down below, what would you do if you were making millions of dollars online. I know this is a huge figure but let's just make this article more interesting, type it in the comments what would you do if you were making millions of dollars online, where would you travel, what would you buy, how would you spend that money, i'm curious to know so type it in the comments down below.

Anyways, Empire Flippers is the brand new platform which we will be using.  This is the worldwide platform where anyone from anywhere in the world can start selling their own websites. In fact you can actually flip websites on this platform and you will see exactly how it works. Once again it works all over the world and it has paid out over 200 million dollars to its users. Some of the top listings are selling for millions of dollars, like seven million dollars, five millions dollars, four million, 3 million and so on and so forth and now you can either come to this website to buy or sell your own business website but don't worry you don't need to create a website yourself and you don't need to build a business or whatsoever, you can literally start with this today, you can literally start the same day and i will explain you exactly how and exactly why this work flipping websites.

 Now, once again, don't expect to get rich quick or to make millions of dollars in a single day with this, that's obviously not how it works, you will need to put in some work and effort and you won't be able to make millions of dollars from the starter whatsoever, maybe never but this article is just proof that this platform has a massive potential. Now all these websites are listed for sale on, they're pretty much professional high quality websites and that's why they're listed for millions of dollars, so you cannot just come in with a random website and sell it for a lot of money on this website, it's not how it works. So you would need to have a professional website, an established platform and then list it for sale.

 So, to get started with this website, you will need to come over to empire flippers and click on this register button so you can sign up for absolutely free. 

  • Click the sign up button if you don't have an account already,

  •  enter your first name enter your last name

  •  enter your valid email address

  •  enter your phone number and this is also an important step so you need to enter your real phone number in this box.

  •  select selling website,

 so you're interested in selling websites on this platform you don't want to spend any money on here you just want to make money and it's going to ask you are you looking to buy or sell a site within the next 30 days obviously yes, you want to get started as soon as possible and once you fill out all of these boxes you will be able to click next,  tell them a little bit more about yourself and you have signed up to empire flippers.

 Now, where can you actually get a high quality website so you can sell it on empire flippers and make money. How can you actually get a website done for you if you have no previous experience. In this, there are two different options, i think you will like the second one more but let's start with the first option.

  •  first option is to go to, this is the second marketplace, this is a more popular marketplace where you can find high quality and professional websites for a lot less money than on empire flippers, so empire flippers is an established platform for high quality and expansive websites and it's really similar to but what you can simply do is you can come over to, you can see all of these websites that are being listed for sale, high quality websites that are already getting traffic that are already making some money.

The websites on Flippa already have a monthly income and you can buy them for like 200 or 400 dollars and you can resell them on and that's how this actually works. Now of course you can't sell a website that's $400 and then resell it for a million dollars or whatever, but even if you sell it for one thousand or two thousand dollars, you still made some profits, you doubled your income and it's really simple. Now, you can browse all of these different websites, find the high quality ones, find the one that is getting a lot of traffic, that's looking good, the thing that has a good standing and that's already making some money and has some profit, buy it for $200 or $400 or invest a little bit more and you can resell it on empire flippers. That's one of the options how you can do this and make money with because once again on people are selling their platforms, their websites for a lot more money and people that use don't know about flippa and don't have that much trust in flippa and that's why they don't use it, that's why they are not directly buying from flippa and that's why this works, that's why you can resell these websites from to  So yes, for this you would need to invest a little bit of money, but you can easily double it or triple it because you saw that on people are listing their websites for a lot of money and according to similar web, empire flippers is just starting to blow up, it has over half a million monthly visitors.

It just started to blow up last month and people that visit this website are coming from countries like united states, canada and united kingdom which are top tier countries and it has a massive potential and keep in mind that there are only like 80 listings in at the moment and they have half a million visitors, so that means that a huge portion of these people is actually on to buy websites. They're not over there to sell anything, once again you saw that there are less than 100 listings and there are 500 000 people that visit this website every single month, so a lot of them are interested in buying websites from and that's why the strategy works so well. 

So, once again option number one is to just flip websites from to, you resell them for a lot more money, resell them for more even if it's just 200 profit it's not bad at all because it requires less than 10 minutes to buy a website on and list it for sale on empire flippers. it's really simple and you can make hundreds of dollars of profit.

  • The second option is to use some of the freelancing websites like, i'll tell you why i recommend fiverr, but you can use for example and you can get an entire website done for you. So, you can pay someone to create an entire website, high quality professional website for you, it's going to cost around $50 to $100 and it's going to take probably a couple of days but once it's done, you can list it on listed for 500 or a thousand dollars and keep the rest as a profit, if you get a website done from fiverr, if you get some freelancer to create the website for you, you can list it on both and and that way increase your chances of getting a sale faster and once you start making some money you can create a kind of a snowball effect, buy more and more websites and list more and more websites and kind of build your own empire. If you have 10 different websites selling on it on both and, you stand a good chance of making a lot of money online, so this is definitely a business that has a huge potential and you need to treat it like a business, invest some time, invest a little bit of money, do a little bit of research, it will require some time and effort but it can definitely pay off if you give it some time now. The reason i recommend you use fiverr to buy these services rather than some other freelancing website is because fiverr is a really really competitive platform with like almost 200 000 services available to create a website with over 190 000 people are selling this service which means in order to stand out, these freelancers are willing to provide professional service for a lot less money since there's a huge competition. Sellers need to list their services for a lot less money and that's why I recommend you use fiverr since you can get high quality professional services for way cheaper than on other freelancing websites, so definitely feel free to try out this method and let me know how it went in the comments.

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