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Quick way to make money online with Ebay

How much can you really make selling products on Ebay anyway? Here’s am sharing with you the 5 best tips to make money on eBay fast.
  • Write mouthwatering product descriptions
  • Time your listing right
  • Avoid reserve prices
  • Find your niche and own it.

1. Use good pictures ( lots of them)
establishing a good presentation through clear and good pictures.
That’s why you need to make sure your photos are great. Photos are going to be the very first thing people look at when they click on your product listing. So make sure they look as good as possible.
When taking photos of your product, make sure you keep these two things in mind:
The best-sellers use really good pictures — not blurry and not like you’re selling from a house from the show Hoarders.
The photos don’t have to be perfect, but should accurately reflect the quality of the item.
PRO TIP: You can build your own lightbox for cheap to really make your photos look professional.
 eBay usually allows one to post up to 12 photos for free — so posting a more cool photos will not be an issue for you at all.

However, if you would like to feature more, you'll leverage third-party tools to assist .
“Use an outdoor app to manage listings and to upload photos to your own server so you don’t need to pay eBay’s prices for extra photos,” they said. “I use GarageSale myself.”
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2. Write mouthwatering product descriptions
A good product description is that the perfect marriage of copywriting and selling.
Because it’s not enough to only describe your product (which you ought to also do), you would like to sell the reader on why your product is ideal for your potential customer.

Something to keep in mind is that you should be selling benefits not features.
There’s an old marketing maxim that sums this up nicely:

“Buyers don’t need a new bed. Buyers need a good night’s sleep.” They’re not what the buyer’s trying to find . the customer wants comfort. they need an honest night’s sleep.
A few other examples:
Good eBay copy vs bad eBay copy examples
Inquire yourself of what buyers must be looking for. What are they struggling with? How does my product service those needs?”

A few other things to stay in mind:

Completeness. Fill out all the fields in your listing, and confirm your textual description gives tons of data about the item. Think like your buyer: If I’m dropping $200 for a rare book on eBay, i would like to understand EVERY detail about it. I don’t care how mundane or maybe repetitive it's , i would like every reason to possess faith that my $200 are going to be well spent.

Search optimization. Use targeted keywords in your item title and outline . The more closely your description matches that search query, the more visible your products are going to be . If it’s a name thing, then people will probably be typing within the brand, not just the name of the item itself, so confirm to incorporate the brand (e.g., “Pottery Barn queen duvet” versus “queen duvet”).
bad listing title example with no bids
Bad eBay listing title – this is often NOT the way to make money on eBay.
good eBay listing title with bids
Good eBay listing title – this is often the way to make money on eBay!
3. Time your listing right
There are typically two schools of thought when it involves your list timing:
Shorter duration. an inventory of three or five days provides a way of urgency. this is often why you’ll see tons of companies with sales “only lasting X days!!!”
Longer duration. Logic is simple: The longer your listing is up, the more opportunities it’ll have for buyers to bid thereon .
Our suggestion: accompany the longer duration. More specifically, choose a 10-day listing and optimize it for the foremost views.
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4. Avoid reserve prices
This is a price minimum a seller can assail their product. If an auction ends with none bids at that price or higher, the vendor doesn’t need to sell the merchandise .
Here’s what that they had to mention on the topic:
My goal is to form the maximum amount of money as I can, so I reduce the quantity of upfront money I even have to pay. I also do that by employing a low starting price of $0.99. This keeps me competitive with everyone. I might rather get little for it than have it sit on my shelf and have it cost me money.”
5. Find your niche and own it
The survey respondent who made the foremost money off of eBay ($50k+ within the past 12 months) gave us a stimulating tip on what to sell:
“Find a distinct segment market, and go far . Does one have a hobby? If so, are you able to sell supplies for it? If selling hobby supplies, confirm your customer has purchased everything necessary for a successful project like providing fantastic customer support.”
Many people think that choosing a distinct segment limits the quantity of consumers you've got — which isn’t the case. Choosing a distinct segment allows you to focus your offers on a selected group.
Let’s take fitness coaches for instance . Who does one think will do better?
The coach who promises everyone that understanding will make them healthier. The coach who promises 30-something women they’ll get a flat stomach in three months? The other , of course. That’s the paradox of niching down your offering. The more specific your niche, the better it's to sell and therefore the more you'll charge.

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