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Best way to earn money online with amazon associates

Best way to earn money online with amazon associates

One of the fastest and easiest ways to create an additional revenue from online sales is through an Amazon affiliate website. Building your own site requires little effort, low-cost and actually can take just a day to set up. However, launching an affiliate site is the first step. The challenge is attracting right traffic that will turn into product sales once consumer clicks via to Amazon.The best results come from choosing the right niche.

It is important for you to learn some basic HTML as well as basic concepts to running a website. You can watch YouTube videos to learn. Relying on purchased software might backfire since it might not give you what you really need and when things go wrong you will end up spending more. Take time to learn these things if you want to make even more money, sign up for Google AdSense.

 1. Post links regularly to optimize earnings

Here you should discover creative ways to incorporate the product recommendations on you blog posts.create an impression you are offering your readers expertise on the subject.links are active 24 hours therefore if clicked by a potential buyer they expire after 24 hours with fresh links hence the opportunity to earn money.

2. Build links for some of products over time

You need to make sure people use the link on amazon to make full purchase using your referral link.You get paid on the whole purchase made and not just the product advertised.

3. Use lists

 Make a recommendation list monthly on new topics since they are valuable to your potential customers and readers.

4. Use Amazon Associate links to post seasonal content

It is better create a seasonal schedule for your blog posts early. Holidays such as Christmas where people tend to buy more,you can always plan ahead of them to make more sales and earn your commission.

5. Win trust of the customers

Ensure you answer all  relevant questions that the customer might have about a product whenever you are giving a review for a product or service.Write a genuine and detailed review of the products that comes under your niche.

6. You can use your referral link to send information via email or to family members

This might not be the major way to make money but it can help your commission structure.You earn commission on anybody if they use the referral link within 24 hours therefore you can trade referral links with friends and family and use the link to make your own purchases as they also do the same hence sharing of the spoils.

7. Promote products worth $100 and above

Recommend products that are higher in price to get higher commissions.

8.Optimize your blogs

Optimize blogs to know what adjustments to make in order to improve its coverage by using some readily available SEO Analysis Tools

9. Use CTA

No matter how much promotion or review you put forward, without a clear CTA like a clickable  “Buy Now” button to take the reader directly to Amazon Store Page all your efforts are incomplete.
 Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a very good way to make money with the necessary knowledge, skills, dedication and right attitude, you are bound to make a lot of money.

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